Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Repurposed Vintage Cameras

Last month I blogged about needing to upgrade my camera.  I haven't made a final decision on that yet, but I did decide how to repurpose these old beauties...........

 I can't help but wonder about all the family memories these produced.
It was a dirty job, but someone had to do it.  I never did figure out how to open these up the right way, but when I finally managed to pry them open, what a messy surprise.  Both of them were in pretty sad shape, but what do you want for $5.00 each?  Here's what I came up with.  Do you recognize any of it?

I used typewriter key stickers and attached them to the flat part of those two little glass pieces from the Brownie.  It's hard to see in the picture, but the convex glass gives them a puffy look.  Those are tiny rhinestone buttons hanging from the filigrees.

Do you remember S&H Green Stamps?  This little stamp fit perfectly inside one of the thick rectangular glass pieces;  I have no idea what they're officially called.   The frame is a little beat up, but the glass piece is in great shape.  The pin on the back has a bail attached, so this can be worn as a brooch or a necklace.

This is the other thick glass piece from the Brownie.  The piece on the back was from another old necklace.

I made this necklace with the lens from the Brownie.  I found a picture of a pocket watch in an old book and then glued it to the back of the lens.  I attached the lens to a silver disk and surrounded it with rhinestones from a vintage necklace.

This is the frame from the front of the Brownie.  I turned it upside down so it would be supported by those two little metal pieces.  A little bling is always a good thing.

I copied two 1953 elementary school diplomas and used Mod Podge to cover the box from the Brownie.  Oops, I missed a spot around that dial. 

For the other box, I copied some old photographs and used Mod Podge.   Notice the lever in the top right corner?  I'm guessing that's what was used to advance the film.   Keeping with the picture theme, I added a few of my flattened and stamped silverware picture holders....Be Happy, Peace, Laugh.

I still have a few pieces left over, but those are just going to have to wait.  I'm still working on my Christmas shopping and then it's on to the Christmas Eve dinner menu. 

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  1. How awesome! I love this idea! I even have a Steampunk necklace...a favorite now! Made from old pocket watches! How creative you are! ♥

  2. Wow, look at all the wonderful pieces from that old camera. How creative!! Thanks so much for joining the party.

  3. Pretty! You are so creative! You are getting a lot of mileage out of those cameras. :-D Yes, I do remember S&H stamps. :)
    I wanted to work on a piece today, but I am trying to keep the table uncluttered as much as possible right now, with other things going on.
    Enjoy your evening.

  4. As always, I am blown clean out of my loafers by your re-made pieces. I am asking Santa for a tenth of your cleverness and syle. Each item in this post is stunning, not possible to pick a favorite. Wait, it might be X-O. Or it might be green stamp. Or it...

  5. I'm in AWE of your creativity! You made so many treasures out of that camera~ my dad had a Brownie similiar to that, what a wonderful transformation & new life :-)

  6. So clever...the S&H green stamp made me smile (I think I spent a lot of my childhood licking those)! Love what you did with it!!

  7. Absolutely amazing! What a wonderfully creative way to repurpose!


  8. Great ideas! I really love that nothing went to waste. Wonderful vision to see all of that potential in the cameras.

  9. I have seen a lot of creative blogs since I started two years ago. I have never seen anything or anyone take something apart and turn it into such a master piece of work. It is absolutely amazing what you have done with the parts from this old camera. Great work.

  10. Okay, I'm trying again! I just left a comment, but blogger said this page didn't exist, so I don't know if got it.

    Your creativity and imagination are amazing! So many beautiful things made from just those two cameras. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing and I'm your newest follower. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll think of next and I need to go see some of your older posts!


  11. Hi Betsy, I love the S&H Green Stamp jewelry! How cool is that? I also love the X&O earrings. Awsome job with all your creative and innovative ideas. *hugs*

  12. Wow, I don't make jewelry so I am so impressed by people that do, you must have sooo much patience! You have definitely gone green and used every scrap of that camera in such beautiful, creative ,ways!


  13. can i just stand in your creative shadow and see if ANY of it rubs off on me? in the meantime i'll just admire your amazing talent!!!!!!

  14. WOW i am blown away by your gorgeous creations!! i LOVE how you refashion & reuse AMAZE me!!!
    i adore & i want those earings!!..where can i buy you sell on etsy???

  15. I would never in a million years have thought to repurpose a camera in that way. Your a genius! Merry Christmas!

  16. Gorgeous work...absolutely gorgeous.

  17. What a clever and creative idea! And they are so beautiful!

  18. We were just reminiscing about Green Stamps the other day at dinner!

    Love this post, wonderful repurposing!

    Happy VTT and Merry Christmas,

  19. This was a wonderful post. I had cameras just like those two. No ideas that could have been done. They have been long gone. But did you ever give me some good ideas. You a one very creative gal. I am loving this blogging learning new things, especially since I retired and have time to do it. Blessing for Christmas for you and yours.

  20. Betsy, wow! I love your jewelry! How is that I have not seen your blog before? I can't think how I missed it! I am now your newest follower, and I can't wait to see what all you do with your jewelry. I am heading over to your website now to check it out!

  21. Betsy, every time I see your creations, I'm even more impressed! Everything you make is beautiful!

    Thanks for faithfully linking to my party. Please be sure to come by and enter my fantastic year-end giveaway. Click the picture in my sidebar for details.

    Blessings and a very Merry Christmas!
    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  22. Amazing, you make so lovely treasures, so imaginative, bravo:))
    Thanks for stopping by, hugs Biljana

  23. Are you kidding?!! These are amazing works of art!

  24. AMAZING!!!!!!
    thanks for inspiring us

    barbara jean

  25. I continue to be amazed by your incredible transformations! Thanks so much for linking this up to my Open House.

  26. This was an amazing idea(s)! I am so impressed. Thanks for stopping by my commenting on my zipper necklace. You are so sweet! I love your site and I will be back for more!

  27. You've taken repurposing to a whole new level. WOW.

  28. You are so darn clever! Very creative ideas. I bought 3 cameras, cheap, and have them sitting on a shelf but now..............may have to do a little "altering"! Thanks, great idea.

  29. Very clever! Don't you just love to ask people if they can figure out where some of unusual parts came from? You will have them scratching their heads with these for sure. I like the clock face necklace the best, must be the bling!

  30. Such wonderful creativity. I love steampunk and this is such a great take on it. On the lookout for old cameras now.

    May I ask where you got the typewriter stickers?

  31. Holy Moly -I found you via Savvy Southern Style -Your creativity is amazing -you truly are gifted. The earrings are just amazing. I love that little S and H green stamp -yes I rememeber them :-)

  32. Wow, now that is re-purposing too the max. Great ideas. Found you from Savvy Southern Style... she featured my wood ceiling too.

  33. It's true, now there are only two old cameras on the shelf, I took one apart. I couldn't stand it, I wanted to try using some of the pieces and had a ball tearing up the poor old camera. Amazing, what simple piece of equiptment they were. Thanks for the idea!

  34. Very cute! I love the earrings! Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

    I hope you can join my vintage tag giveaway going on now! Merry Christmas!

  35. What can I say that hasn't already been said?
    Truly one of the most interesting & creative Met. Monday posts EVER! I'm off now to search for my old childhood Brownie camera....... back in a flash!
    (just kidding, but pun intended). S: )


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