Sunday, April 10, 2011

Repurposed Thread Cones

My inspiration for these repurposed vintage thread cones came from the latest issue of Flea Market Style magazine.  Who doesn't find inspiration there?  They made a memo holder from a cone of heavy duty string by pinning little mementos and a picture on the cone.  I didn't have a cone of heavy duty string, but I did have these....

and I had these....

Now they're little picture holders and a jewelry display.

I painted the top with some metallic silver paint, then added a vintage rhinestone button on top.  The lavender thread was dirty, so I had to unwind the top layer.

I painted the red top black, then topped it off with a vintage earring and a piece that came from a rhinestone brooch. 

I'm not crazy about the color of this spool, but figured I might as well dress it up along with the others.  I painted the red and yellow top with some metallic gold paint.  Instead of pinning on a picture, I attached some vintage brooches just to show how it could be used to display jewelry.  This one and the black one would work together decorated for Halloween

While I was putting these together, I started thinking of so many possibilities.  I don't even want to think about the holidays right now, but wouldn't various shades of green make cute little Christmas trees?  Silver and gold would look good too.  Now I have something else to add to my "focus list" when I'm out shopping.

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  1. These are beautiful and so very creative! Found you over at Janas.

  2. Oh my goodness....those turned out so beautiful. i love that magazine!!! I have found so many things that I want to do from it!
    You always have the most unique and wonderful creations...

  3. These are just the "bees knees"!! I have so much thread - I buy it every time I find a deal at a thrift store or yard sale. I'm going to make one of these Monday. Adorable.

  4. Wow, I love what you did with the spools.
    Never thought about something like this.
    I think I might have some in a box.
    Thanks for sharing!


  5. I've seen some of these thread cones at the thrift store but never bought them. Now I'm going back for them tomorrow!!! You are so creative!!!

  6. What a great idea - love the way you decorated yours.
    Hope you are enjoying your day.

  7. Love the rhinestone bling around the tops! The orange and black at Halloween with the rhinestones would be great! Linda

  8. Just wonderful!! You are so creative! Hey, I went to the Barn Sale today and am getting ready to post about it!!! So excited!!!

    Can't wait to meet you next Sunday! You said you'll be sort of in front of the Tattered House. Dave from the Red Door said that's where he'll be . . .do you have a table number of sign?


  9. These are fantastic! Great idea! I'll have to try this one of these days! (add it to my list):) Thanks for sharing,

  10. So clever! Love to see how people repurpose items.

  11. What a creative idea!! Always a way to recycle things, if you take the time to create! You did a wonderful job!

  12. LOVE it! They look soooo cute!
    I spent the first warm day of the year in my backyard with that magazine this afternoon. PERFECT!

  13. WOW! That is such a great idea. I have a whole box of these and have been wondering what I could do! Thanks for inspiring me! Blessings, Vicky

  14. Wonderful idea. I must pick up a copy of the magazine. Love the spools.

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  16. Um, excuse me, these are GORGEOUS! Ay yay yay, I am completely in love with this idea and your interpretation. I happen to love the orangey one! Such a fantastic tip about unwinding the top layer of a dirty spool. A focus list? Is it in writing or just inside your little head?

  17. Those are absolutely beautiful. I need to find me some old spools so I can try these out myself. Thanks for finding my blog and leaving such a nice message!

  18. Hello Betsy! This craft is very creative. It's simple but I never realized that this is possible. You are so resourceful and creative. Thank you for sharing this. I might show this to my nieces. They will sure appreciate this.

  19. What a very creative idea and I love it!!I definately want to make some of these! Thanks for sharing it!! Would love if you'd stop by my blog sometime! Happy Monday!

  20. Very unusual. My dad used to work for a sock knitting company and bring the cones home all the time for me to play with.

  21. Stunningly beautiful. Love your creativeness. Thanks for sharing. Valerie

  22. Wow! those are awesome, love them!
    Have a wonderful day!
    XXX Ido

  23. Look at you! How cool are those? And don't you love how, when we get started on something, the ideas come flooding in? I'll have to be watching for green and red cones, too!

  24. The cones are fabulous! I love all the bling you added, great idea. I have a few cones of off white thread in my basement and they've just collecting dust. I think it's time to go get them out the dress them up!

  25. Hi Betsy,

    The lavender one is just beautiful. Wow! It is so fun visiting you and seeing your creations.

    You are magical!



  26. so many pretty things!
    take care,

  27. They are darling. I just ordered my copy and it said it shipped yesterday. I know it has been out for awhile, but as I kept seeing and hearing about the issue, I decided to order it.


  28. Too cute! Looks great here too, lovely blog!

  29. Fabulous! Thought I was already following your blog but I guess not. I'm over here from Brenda's. Enjoyed browsing around!

  30. Now those turned out real cool!

    I keep looking for one of those big old cones of string, but so far, no luck.

    I mean, I WANT one!

    But I trust that sooner or later I will find one....

    In the meantime, I think I just might have a couple cones of thread just hanging around here somewhere...hmmmm.....

  31. What a great idea! I actually have a large heavy duty spool that I picked up somewhere for next to nothing, thinking that I would find something to do with it. Ta da, you gave me the perfect idea. It's a cream color thread too so it will look good with just about anything. Thanks for the inspiration, once again.


  32. I love Flea Market Style Magazine! It has become one of my very favorites. Your cone creations are really cute, Betsy! ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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