Monday, June 27, 2011

My Kind of Yard Sale

MERCHANDISE FROM 9 FAMILIES - 7am to whenever we get tired!!  That's what the ad in our little weekly paper said on Friday.  It was the biggest ad in the paper, so I figured it was worth going to.... even without my first cup of coffee. 

They had tons of well organized antique furniture, pictures, clothes, hardware, glass, linens, books, etc.  Everything on a table, and a table for everything.  I went straight for the women's department without even looking at the furniture.  Everything had to fit in my front seat.  No big stuff; I was sticking to my plan.

These towels are so sweet and in perfect shape.

Then I spotted five others at the other end of the table....all in perfect condition.

These are my favorites.  Hers is so pretty and detailed, but then he came along and insisted on a towel of his own.  I hope he was happy.

75" x 75" white table cloth

The monogram in the center looks like an A, but I can't make out the other initial.

This one is off white and measures 70" x 92"

Twelve handkerchiefs and a few doilies.  Have you ever seen a cow on a hankie before?

11" Brookpark bowl, milk glass, bottles, and a pretty blue lid to something.

Pardon my wrinkles.  I'll iron all these aprons and linens before my next antique show.  They'll just end up all wrinkled again from being smooshed in the closet.

I discovered these fifteen awesome Bakelite handles in a brown paper bag in the men's department.  After a quick thumb rub test, I added them to my secure pile.  I also bought the 38" round table topper they're sitting on.

Just to make sure, I did three other Bakelite tests when I got home:  409, Scrubbing Bubbles, and hot water.   They all tested positive.  You can check out this link for information on how to test for Bakelite.

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  1. The other letter is an "L" :-)

  2. It looks like an "L" behind the "A" to me. It is hard to see but that is my guess. Great finds!

  3. I agree the other letter looks like a L. Thanks for sharing the info. on bakelite, as I have a piece I need to test.

  4. Wow what a great sale! Love the linens! That large bowl looks like Texasware? I'm going to check out the site to know if something is Bakelite! Thanks! Linda

  5. Yep, looks like an L. I love seeing those bakelite handles...wild color! Almost a chartruse.
    What a nice lot of linens! Don't see that very often.

  6. Yeah, AL my first and middle initials. That was one of those really great garage sales...the ones that keep us getting up and going out.

  7. Can I just say WOW! That is my kind of yard sale, too!

    Love your beautiful linen finds. They are all amazing. I especially love the table covering; that is fabulous.

    The glass ware is quite nice as well. You really scored at this sale!

  8. Hi Betsy,
    I think it's AL too. My sister's initials! Wow, you found awesome things! Thanks for sharing with us and for the info. on the bakelite!
    Have a great week.

  9. Awewome finds! I agree, it looks like an "L"!


  10. The 'his & hers' basic & fancy towels crack me up. Those look like something that would hang in my bathroom... ;-)

  11. I love the linens, especially the aprons. 1968 is the year i was born!

  12. Sales like this are what keep us going back for more! I know about the Scrubbling Bubbles and the hot water but I'm not familiar with the 409 test so I'm off to check that out. Thank you for sharing.

  13. This is the kind of sale we all hope for!!! Great finds! Great info about bakelite! Thanks!!!

  14. you must have been smiling ear to ear when they tested yes to bakelite wow, what a find,, you have the best treasre hunts,,

  15. Nice find on the bakelite handles!!

  16. Wow, Betsy, you really did well. I wish I could find linens like yours in yard sales around here...they are beautiful. Love the vintage aprons. And a matching set of bakelite handles...amazing!
    Great post...thanks for sharing,

  17. Wow. Did you ever get some deals!
    How fun it must have been finding all those things.
    I have some bowls like the one you bought, but have never known what they were called. I just know my midwife put our son in one to bathe him after he was born. It had to be a big one because he weighed 10 pounds!

  18. I love the towels! They remind me of ones I inherited from my mother and her mother. and the monogrammed table cloth is exquisite.

    Thanks for linking up your fabulous finds!


  19. Your found some really nice finds! I love all the embroidered linens!

  20. What great finds!! I do alot of monogramming and the other letter is an "L". I just did that same "A" on a bridal hankie for my niece. I just love anything that is embroidered and these are all so pretty.

  21. All the textiles are wonderful - and the cow hankie is charming! That was interesting about the bakelite too.

  22. Great finds, Betsy, You have really been busy. That is my kind of yard sale, as well. Blessings.

  23. What a score!! I love vintage linen, when I can find enough it pays my rent in my booth, people love vintage linen


  24. great linens and I love those handles. Lezlee

  25. Love everything....especially the aprons!

  26. What a amazing finds. WOW: The cloth with the A is stunning.

    Lineca Norway

  27. What amazing linens! The monogrammed piece is just superb. Thanks for sharing. :)

  28. Betsy, what an amazing treasure lot you brought home. Love the linens. Especially the mongrammed piece. The delicate swirls mixed with the flowers, I do believe it is A & L. Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing.

  29. What great finds! I love vintage linens :)
    Stopping by from Type A!
    Have a wonderful day

  30. Oh I love the "his" & "hers" towels! Looks like you found some great stuff!

  31. We all agree on the "L" and the cow-kerchief is definitely Swiss.

    That is the type of sale I don't leave until the van runs out of room, and I leave my phone number with the people for follow ups.

  32. I love those types of sales... years ago in the old neighborhood I lived in we would do a "Block Sale" and the whole City Block would do a Yard Sale, that always drew big crowds. I'm not one for doing individual Yard Sales... I'd almost rather set my stuff on fire in the front yard than deal with the sideshow & weariness of doing it solo! *winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  33. SCORE!! My kind of sale too! Love all your great finds. I think the letter behind the A is an L.
    Have a great week!

  34. Great finds! You're featured on my blog tonight from last week's link party!

  35. Betsy- what fantastic yard sale finds! Sounds like it was organized too. Love it when yard sales are somewhat organized and tagged with prices. :)


  36. What a wonderful sale you found! I love all the embroidered and crocheted linens!!

  37. Hello Betsy! It's the purest of the whites. For some reason, I enjoy things that come in white. I find them so neat and relaxing. The connected doilies are very pretty. I remember my Auntie who is ver well versed in crochet. She taught me once how to do that. The "his" and "hers" towels are beautiful too.

  38. Love all the vintage linens. The his and her towels are my favorite. What amazing finds!


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