Monday, August 22, 2011

Late in the Day Yard Sale Finds

Sometimes I can be out the door early with a long list of yards sales to visit and still come home empty-handed.  This was NOT the case on Friday.  It was close to noon when I stopped at an estate sale not expecting to find too much.  I was shocked to see so many goodies still unsold because their prices were so reasonable.  It was nice to be able to move through the house without a big crowd and take my time picking out a few treasures.  After the estate sale, I stopped at three other yard sales and still found some great stuff late in the day.

This is my absolute favorite find of the day.  I love the patina and plan on leaving it just the way it is.

I didn't get a good picture of that lamp in the back, but what a deal it was!  It's numbered and marked Italy on the bottom.

Lace, linens, and more linens.  The white linen napkin in the center is one of a set of twelve.

A sweet acrylic box with a tray insert.

Lace collar and more bling.  How could I pass up that necklace with thirty rhinestone beads? 

I like the chippy finish on these candle holder sconces.  Not crazy about the gold, but I'm thinking about just leaving them the way they are.  They're not a bright gold and have just the right amount of patina.

This cute little pink tray was actually a purchase I made last's been hiding in my garage.  The silver tea pot and milk glass salt & pepper shakers are from a last minute stop on Friday.  You never know what you're going to find late in the day and the prices are much better!

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  1. oh my goodness! how serendipitous! so many lovely finds and so late in the day! lucky you!

  2. Hello Betsy! Another set of great finds :) I will look forward on seeing the future artworks from these great pieces. Have a great day!

  3. Love that funky candelabra! So cool! You have put me to shame as always, lovely batch of goodies! You always get such quality stuff!

  4. Great, exciting finds! That necklace is really wonderful and I can't wait to see all the things you'll make from it!!

  5. Sometimes being late is okay...looks like it was this time! What a pile of beautiful all those linens and the milkglass S/P.


  6. You certainly found some amazing things! My favorite though is the necklace with all those wonderful rhinestone beads. SCORE!

  7. I love the milk glass S&P! What a great find. That necklace is amazing! Such great finds! I do think the economy has many people shopping less...glad you were able to get such great deals. hugs, Linda

  8. You definitely had a successful shopping day. The necklace is my favorite - of course. :D

  9. Yummy finds! You're so right, people are ready to deal at the end of a sale.

  10. Beautiful finds, you had great luck. That lamps is beautiful!

  11. Is that an alabaster lamp? If so, fabulous!!

  12. WOW! Great scores! Lovin' it all!Have a great week ♥♥♥

  13. Oh, WOW, Betsy, you came home with some real treasures!!!

    I have the bracelet that goes with that necklace!!!! How weird is that!!?!?!


  14. So glad you found all the great stuff. I passed up an estate sale Saturday, because it was late in the day, and I didn't think they would have anything left. I may have made a big mistake. Glad that God Blessed your day!

  15. Betsy you found some great treasures! I love the laces and linens!

  16. You did Good! The lamp is wonderful. The necklace I would have taken home to!

  17. You got some pretty neat finds there. Of course I love the sconces with the roses, and the candelabra.

  18. I really enjoy stopping by blogs such as yours to see what great thrift shop and garage sale finds you've discovered.
    You're an inspiration!
    I'm so looking forward to hitting my local thrift store this weekend!

  19. OMG I. Want. That. Necklace. Seriously. You really scored, shows what a little patience will get you! And thanks for linking up your finds over at Club G.W. with Charm Bracelet Diva! Have a great week!


  20. Is that an alabaster lamp? Is it for sale? Love the gold candle sconces also! What a haul, especially for late in the day.

  21. That's what I love about estate/yard sales....You never know what you're going to find nor when you're going to find it. You made some wonderful finds!!! I like the silver candleabra and the S&P shakers!!!

  22. It's fun seeing and hearing the thought process of someone's bargain hunt. You really scored.

  23. You lucky girl! Love all your finds.


  24. Lovely finds.....i especially like the vintage jewelry! xoox, tracie

  25. Hi Betsy,

    As always, your taste is exquisite.

    You have an eye for only the best treasures.



  26. LOVE the silver and that lamp!

    AWESOME finds!

    Lou Cinda

  27. You picked the right day for estate hopping. You really found some great things.

  28. Fabulous finds, Betsy! I, too, love the patina on your candleholder. And I would definitely leave the metal sconces as they are. ;)

    Thanks for linking to the party this week.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  29. Betsy what an awesome candelabra and the faux pearl bling necklace is to die for! Great treasures! Thanx for linking up to Treasure Hunt Thursday! I always love seeing your finds for the week!:)

  30. Perhaps these things were waiting for you. Enjoy.

  31. Hi Betsy...

    I'm coming over from the Treasure Hunt Thursday party. found some GRAND treasures this week! I just adore all silver and your candelabra is a real beauty! I would love to add a piece like that to my collection of silver! Great score, my friend! I also love the vintage pearls and rhinestones. I totally agree...who could resist such sparkles! Hehe! Thanks for sharing your treasures with us!

    Warmest wishes,

  32. A great day thrift shopping. Nice vintage treasures. There is always a sleeper at a sale you know!
    Hugs, Jeanne

  33. Wow, those things were just waiting for you to get there. Love that lamp!!!

  34. HEY! I have two candelabra from (has to be!) the same manufacturer . . . I got two of them at GW for 3.00 each but mine each have just three candle holders on them. I love mine and kept them just as they were also!

  35. You did good!! I love everything!

  36. Some sweet finds! The candelabra is stunning; just love that. And that necklace is gorgeous; it's fun to imagine the parties that necklace has seen.

  37. Wow...that was some good thrifting! LOVE it all!

  38. My, oh, my.

    You do find the best stuff.

    That candelabra is cool, but 30 rhinestone spacers?!?


    And here I thought I was doing so well to find a necklace with six of them a week or so ago.....

    But they were olive green, so that should be worth bonus points, don't ya think??

  39. Wow! Loving the pearl and rhinestone rondele necklace. You are so fortunate.


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