Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trading Stamp Jewelry Creations

I can't help myself, I'm hooked on trading stamps.  Since the redemption stores are a thing of the past, I'm feeling the need to keep the stamp alive.  Who doesn't have a story to tell?

 I combined these S and H green stamps with one of my favorite things: vintage typewriter keys.  I just opened up the back and placed the stamp in front of the Shift Key paper.

 How about a trading stamp bracelet?  S and H, Blue Chip, Top Value, and Holden.

 This trading stamp bracelet was made using a silver plated bracelet form and Diamond Glaze. I made some of these bracelets earlier this year using vintage maps.  You can click here for the tutorial.  Diamond Glaze can be a little tricky to work with, especially trying to keep the bubbles out.  It's not really visible in these pictures, but the Top Value stamp dried with a couple of bubbles in it.  I thought I was being so careful to make sure no bubbles were left behind, but they just had to sneak in there after it was dry.  Darn!

More S and H Green Stamps set in vintage typewriter keys.
Ever since I started making jewelry with these old trading stamps, I can't believe all the stories I hear when people are shopping in my booth.  Everyone has good memories of trips to the redemption store, but not such good memories of putting the stamps in the books.  We had an entire drawer just for Blue Chip stamps and it was my job to put them in the books.  Not a fun job even with a sponge.

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  1. Ohhh, yeah, I remember getting stamps at the gas station and I remember when gas was 35 cents a gallon, LOL

    I apply the Diamond Glaze with a tiny brush


  2. Betsy these are so cute! I loved putting the stamps in the cool to fill one up and start again. I remember getting to pick out some exciting.

  3. Remember them well ! It took me forever to decided what I should get with them. :)
    Great job on the jewelry!

  4. Beautiful idea...I love the keys' remake. Thanks for this post! Hugs

  5. Soooo many memories with S & H stamps!!!!


  6. What a unique idea! I love all things vintage - found you from your yardstick projects featured on Pinterest. I'm currently collecting yardsticks to use for a coat rack.

    Please consider adding a few of your projects to my "Thrifty Thursdays" blog party at:

  7. OMGosh those are so cute...if I had known you had bracelets with typewriter keys...I would have ordered one to go with my necklace!!!

  8. LOVE your jewelry pieces! I remember going to the Green Stamp store with my mom, such fun!! thanks for linking up the fun, xo

  9. These are so cute! I would wear them everywhere! andrea@townandprairie

  10. These are so cute, Betsy!

    I appreciate your participation in Potpourri Friday. Many thanks!

  11. I love these adorable little treasures. Very nice, Betsy.

  12. I found your blog over at My repurposed Life and liked it so much that i decided to follow. Both the bracelet and the earrings looks great!
    Wish you a good weekend!

  13. I love these. I think my favorite is the bracelet. I too remember the green stamps and gold bond stamps. I cashed in my mom's stamps to furnish my dorm room when I went off to college. I still remember going with my mom to the redeptions center. Thanks for the memories.

  14. They are so lovely.
    As one other commenter said, i apply diamond glaze with a brush to avoid bubbles.

  15. fantastic vintage inspired jewels
    thanks for sharing.

  16. They look so rich tucked into the typewriter frames! All so gorgeous, why am I not surprised?

  17. I remember pasting s & h stamps, but I don't remember anything my family ever got or a redemption place.
    Very unique jewelry!
    catching you this week

  18. I LOVE your cool and interesting. I especially love the bracelet and all of the colors in it.

  19. Look at you! What a fun idea! And yep. I have stamp stories, too. But I kinda enjoyed putting them in the books. Dreaming of what my momma might get, hoping it might be a toy. It never was.

  20. Betsy - these are fabulous! Love what you did with the S&H green stamps! :)


  21. I must have been the odd kid out: I loved pasting the stamps in the book! But I don't remember what my Mom ever got for them...

  22. This is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time! I also remember my mom collecting stamps at the store and filling up the books. Sometimes we got to choose what we got with the stamps--very exciting!

  23. I just found a book of old green stamps. No clue what to do with them since I do not make jewelry, yet. =)


  24. oh gosh!! LOVE these!! So glad I saw you featured over at My Repurposed Life. I can't wait to check out your shop - I totally remember doing this with my mom!

  25. Oh, Betsy!!! You know I'm loving the S&H earrings!!! I like the bracelet even more. I'm going to go check your shop right now!!!

  26. When I was growing up, S&H green stamps were a BIG deal. We almost always went to the grocery store as a family, and we kids were thrilled to be able to hold the stamps on the way home. Once the groceries were put away, we would sit down and go through the redemption catalog. My mom never had to worry about getting the stamps in the books. With five girls, she had many eager helpers. ;)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage


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