Sunday, November 27, 2011

Antique Store Adoption

Happy post-Thanksgiving to all.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday celebration.  I was still enjoying the leftovers on Saturday, but decided to call it quits when I ran out of my broccoli cheese casserole.  My hand is healing nicely after a knife wound I accidently inflicted on myself while trying to remove the foil from the top of a wine bottle. Note to self: In the future, use a foil cutter thingie or just skip this step altogether.  It's always least I got out of dish duty.

I was hoping to get in some good yard sale therapy this weekend, but no such luck. Instead of the yard sales, I got re-acquainted with some of the goodies I found at an antique store a couple of weeks ago.  It was almost like discovering them for the first time.

 What do you get when you cross a sweet little metal tray.....

 and a funny looking metal sculpture thing?

 You get this cutie patootie vintage TV tray.  

 The tray slips through the metal slats on each side.

 It even does what any good TV tray should do; it folds up flat for easy storage.
What could be better than one sweet little TV tray?

Twins!  I spotted the first one set up and loaded with dishes; the price tag was for the pair.  What pair?  After a quick look around, I found her sister folded up and all ready to come home with me.  I'm convinced they were such a bargain because the dealer thought a little rust was a bad thing.  I would have bought the entire family if they were available, but I'm happy to have these two cuties.

I'm bringing my vintage TV trays over to these parties:

Charm Bracelet Diva for Club G.W.,
Boogieboard Cottage for Masterpiece Monday,
Knick of Time for Knick of Time Tuesday,
Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday,
Brambleberry Cottage for Time Travel Thursday


  1. great find! hope your hand is feeling better.

  2. Your cutie patootie tv tray is a sweet find!!

  3. GORGEOUS!!!! I have never seen anything like this!! Now I am going to have to be on the hunt for some :) Is there a certain name for these? Or are these just the precursor for what we know today? I am also very curious about your broccoli cheese casserole...wondering if it's the same as our family favorite! Always the first thing to go in the leftovers ;) hope you had a great day despite the flesh wound.

  4. OMG! Those are the cutest!!

    Hoping your hand heals quickly. Take care.

  5. Very cute trays! I am glad your hand is better and getting out of dish duty is a good thing! I got out of dish duty and cooking too. My hubby takes great care of me.

  6. I would kill for these! Fabulous. Love the color, too. Party should be up by tomorrow night!


  7. How cute! And two is twice the fun! Enjoy your afternoon! If you're not busy...come over and watch tv with the elves! heehee! ♥

  8. Sorry about the cut - they can be pretty painful. Our big meal was yesterday, an everyone left out a little bit ago. I sent a lot of the leftovers home with daughter. but did keep enough for a rerun here. I may decorated a little later today (maybe).

  9. Wow, what a find. In all my years of hunting I have never seen a TV tray that completely separated from the stand! I love that most people don't get shabby and rusty is desirable!

    Oh sorry about the hand!


  10. Those trays are so cute! Great find. I hope you hand is better. We are having one more round of leftovers...well turkey made into something for tonight and then we will be done. hugs, Linda

  11. Your tv trays are beautiful. What a find. Hope your hand is better.
    Hugs Maria

  12. Such a great love them...I've never seen them shaped this way, but they are beauties!
    Hope your hand is better! Take care! Hugs

  13. Your trays are so cute and unique. I've never seen wire bases like that! Love the blue of the trays. Great find!!! Hope your hand is healing quickly!

  14. I have never seen TV trays like that before - great score. Love the tops as well as the legs. Too sweet!

  15. What a wonderful find! Twins are the best! ;-)

  16. Hi Betsy! The tray looks like from Cath Kidston. I love your new twins. I'm sure you can make them even more beautiful!

  17. Wow, I have never seen tray stands like those before! Cuties indeed, Miss Betsy! I'm glad to hear your healing. Gotta protect those crafty hands, as a matter of fact you should think about getting them insured.


  18. Your new goodies are a fabulous treasure indeed....they are so cute! Sorry to hear about the cut on your hand...I hope it heals quickly :o)

  19. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek..... ADORABLE!!!

  20. Cute, those stands :) Laurel

  21. Love those!! You'll get tons of use from them. I have some tv trays on stands, but mine aren't nearly as lovely as yours.

    Thanks for sharing at Knick of Time Tuesday!

    Angie @ Knick of Time Interiors

  22. I really like the fancy blue TV trays

    Don't ya just love finding these tresaures?

  23. Those trays are fabulous! What great finds. You are so lucky.

  24. I just wish they were mine! Absolutely great finds.

  25. Wow, I like this!! You have a real eye for using and putting things together!

  26. I have 4 of those same exact trays with the stands...a little rusty but like you said...that only makes them better!


  27. Good thing we weren't at the same antique shop at the same time or there might have been a cat fight over those tray holders!

    I have two Eiffel Tower TV trays....wouldn't they look swell on those legs?!?

    Hope your hand is better.

    I hear that leftovers work wonders on such things.


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