Thursday, July 29, 2010

Salvage Yard Field Trip

Last weekend I had a hankering to get over to Berkeley to a couple of my favorite salvage yards.  It was nice to get out of the heat here in the valley and feel the cool breeze from the San Francisco Bay. First stop:

You definitely need to be prepared for this place. It's not exactly like walking into your neighborhood hardware just never know what to expect, except the unexpected. It's huge, funky, friendly, always interesting, a little smelly, and usually worth the trip. I wish I had room in my truck for these big pieces when I go out to sell at the antique shows.

This even looked good upside down.

I'd get so much more accomplished if I had this kind of
space to keep myself organized.....yeah, right.

They had dozens of these.
Maybe for that "one of these days" home theater.

See Spot slide.  Slide, Spot, slide.

They come with a matching bath tub.

Way back in my birdhouse and picture frame making days, we would head over here every few months for a good wood hunt.  We used to be able to come away with the most beautiful, colorful, chippy, and decorative wood.  It's been a while since I've seen any of the good stuff, but I've moved in a different direction with my repurposing anyway. 

They still have a great selection of doorknobs

My next stop was Ohmega Salvage.  They have a gorgeous selection of mantels, hardware, doors, windows, bathroom fixtures, lighting, architectural beauties, and furniture.  Too bad my camera battery died back at Urban Ore:-(

I'll clean these escutcheons up a little and then use them in my jewelry creations.
I also bought a few silver trays and 4 candle molds.  I don't think the molds are
too old, but they're rusty, crusty, and tarnished.  I was thinking of using them as
a vase or to hold utensils.  They need a little bling added first.
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