Friday, August 20, 2010

Chippy Molding + Rake + Rhinestones =

While organizing one of my garage cabinets, I discovered two long lost pieces of chippy white molding.  Oh joy!  It's just what my little rusty rake has been waiting for.  But, one more piece was needed to surround the hole that the rake will sit in.  I went to my trusted old lamp parts box and found a piece from a dismantled chandelier.

rusty rake + chippy molding + lamp part = picture holder

I've used larger rakes and bases in the past, but I especially like this one because the rake is so small.

OK, I'm out of little rakes, but I had to do something with the other piece of molding so that it wouldn't get sent back to the cabinet never to be seen again.  I went digging through my rhinestone stash and found bits and pieces that would be perfect.....

chippy molding + rhinestones =  "keep out" sign
A vintage butterfly pin and chain from a broken necklace finish it off.

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