Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yard Sale and Antique Store Finds

I just returned from another adventure up in Ashland, Oregon. This time, it was only for a few days, but I enjoyed every minute.....quality, not quantity.  Friday was spent cruising through the adorable little shops downtown, lunch at an outdoor cafe overlooking the creek, and then wine tasting for dinner.  Who needs food when you have good wine.

Saturday was spent at yard sales, a thrift shop, and antique stores. Most of the sales on Saturday didn't start until 9am or later.  Heck, I'm usually on my 5th or 6th sale by then. I don't even mind 7am for those "years of accumulation" sales...I'd be there at 3am if they'd let us early birds in.

I bought 10 of  these little chippy paint and moss covered post finials.  I think I'll transform a few of them and then sell the rest just the way they are.  The large piece of bark cloth and several smaller pieces were only $2.00.  The pink and clear glass globe was even a better deal, and the large window with 6 panes (in the background) was hard to pass up for free.  I found the flatware here and there - such a bargain.

The little pine box just made my day.  It was a bit grungy, but a good cleaning with Howard Feed-N-Wax spruced it right up.  I love that stuff!  Not sure what possessed me to buy the old metal cars, but I thought they were cute.  I'll use the metal dish rack for displaying my silver trays.  Got a great deal on the entrance and exit signs, 1952 typewriter book and the old diner menu.  I'm not sure what that iron metal spiral thingy is that's standing next to the cars.  It's about 6" high, real heavy, and in need of a transformation.  I also bought a few dozen black and white photos....always love those. 

This isn't the best photo, but I thought it was pretty funny.  You can see the little training seat on top. This poor child is barely able to sit up and a potty training attempt is being made at 5 months.  I guess I'd be pushing the issue too if I didn't have those good ol' disposables:)

I found some more old photos with frames for displaying my necklaces, a book of black and white photos, vintage rhinestone earrings, lots of buttons for jewelry making, a few skeleton keys, silver necklace, and a few more odds and ends.

Now I need to get busy transforming some of these treasures.

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