Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Friday's Yard Sale Finds

I wasn't planning on going out hunting this past weekend because I still had so much work to do before my antique show in Lodi on Sunday.  I started looking through the yard sale ads Friday morning just to see what I was missing, and there was one that caught my eye.  Block Sale, older neighborhood.  I couldn't resist.  I grabbed my money and out the door I went.  It wasn't much of a block sale with only 2 homes, but it sure made me happy.  The sweet lady having the sale said that most of the items belonged to her mother.  Her prices were really cheap, so I started my pile and kept a close watch on it.  Here's what I came home with...........

I like using pages from vintage sheet music for displaying lamps when I don't have a shade; I think it looks better than a light bulb or nothing at all.

I love this old rolling pin.  I filled it with black and white buttons and sold it already at the antique show on Sunday.

The sweet lady having the yard sale didn't recognize this woman, so I got four of them for $1.00.  I think I'd like to be repurposing those earrings.  Love that smirk on her face.

This metal basket is 28" tall including the handle that doesn't show up in this picture.

I like the chippy red paint on this old gas can.  I thought the croquet balls would look good displayed on a table in this silver bowl that I already had.  I tore off the fabric from the lamp shades and then added them to my "to do" list for the antique show in Lodi on Sunday. 

I bought three of these old burlap Diamond Walnut bags.  I'll probably end up covering something with them, or maybe making purses if I get to feeling real ambitious.  Or, I could always use them for walnuts again.

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