Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hardwear Jewelry and Old Keys

These are some of the "hardwear" necklaces I put together last week.  I pulled out some of the old key escutcheons from my Salvage Yard Field Trip back in July.  It was so much fun pairing these worn out old pieces of hardware with some shiny vintage earrings.  I sprayed the hardware with 2 coats of clear matte sealer first.  Can't have that chippy paint flaking off.

Since skeleton keys are getting harder to find and more expensive these days, I started collecting this other style.  The wider surface makes them ideal for attaching all kinds of goodies.
I used bits and pieces of broken necklaces and earrings on these. 

Those are old shoe buttons attached to the little keys and a button attached to the necklace.  It's hard to make out the detail in this picture, but those are lions on the face of the little keys.

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