Friday, October 29, 2010

My Reworked Jewelry

This week I've been reworking some of the vintage bits and pieces from a few of my recent treasure hunts.   I'm gearing up for some jewelry only, indoor shows over the next several weeks.  I'm REALLY looking forward to setting up without a flashlight, setting my alarm for a decent hour, and not checking the weather forecast every hour.......
The bases on these two bracelets are vintage inspired filigrees that I layered and bent into shape.  The jewels are old clip on earrings.

Antique brass buttons.

This picture really doesn't pick up all the pink in the pearls and pendant.

This silver and blue rhinestone flower used to be a brooch. 

My mom found this 2" locket at a yard sale.  We carry around a "wish list" for each other.

These little earrings started life as cuff links.

Little jewels from two different bracelets.

Bits and pieces from my trusty ol' watch parts box. 

These are some of the sewing inspired pieces I made for an upcoming two day show sponsored by the Sun City Needle Arts Club.  My mom has been doing this show for years and I've been tagging along to help her.  She's so sweet to let me put some jewelry out, but I had to promise not to be a table hog!  Wait until she sees what I'm bringing to keep under the table. 

I have Gertrude to thank for most of the little sewing pieces I used.  They came from the wonderful old box of drawers that I found at Tracy's City Wide Garage Sale in September.  After sorting through all her goodies, I decided her box was just too perfect to part with.  I filled each drawer and little compartment with rhinestones, buttons, beads, and little treasures.
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