Monday, October 11, 2010

Repurposed Necklaces

These are a few of the necklaces I recently repurposed from old wrist watches, rosary beads, buttons, and other broken bits of jewelry.

I'm really trying to train myself to take pictures BEFORE I pack up for a show.  Once I get out there it's sometimes too dark, too busy, or too late for picture taking.  I sold the 4 watch necklaces at the antique show in Lodi last weekend, so I'm glad I got pictures...maybe I'm learning.

The backs of the watches pop out so that you can put your own picture inside.  I've been filling them with sheet music or pictures from a really fun book I picked up at a local thrift shop for $1.00.  The book is called A Pictorial History of the American Theater, 1860-1980.

I added a little rhinestone to the silver necklace on the left because the glass was missing and it needed a little something extra.
The chain and flowers were salvaged from a broken necklace.  The pendant is made from filigrees and 2 old buttons. 

I used some vintage rosary parts, old chain, filigree, and 3 vintage buttons
 for this necklace.

Now I need to get the pictures from last week's jewelry making marathon out of my camera.  I hope I can share those later this week.
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