Monday, October 11, 2010

Repurposed Necklaces

These are a few of the necklaces I recently repurposed from old wrist watches, rosary beads, buttons, and other broken bits of jewelry.

I'm really trying to train myself to take pictures BEFORE I pack up for a show.  Once I get out there it's sometimes too dark, too busy, or too late for picture taking.  I sold the 4 watch necklaces at the antique show in Lodi last weekend, so I'm glad I got pictures...maybe I'm learning.

The backs of the watches pop out so that you can put your own picture inside.  I've been filling them with sheet music or pictures from a really fun book I picked up at a local thrift shop for $1.00.  The book is called A Pictorial History of the American Theater, 1860-1980.

I added a little rhinestone to the silver necklace on the left because the glass was missing and it needed a little something extra.
The chain and flowers were salvaged from a broken necklace.  The pendant is made from filigrees and 2 old buttons. 

I used some vintage rosary parts, old chain, filigree, and 3 vintage buttons
 for this necklace.

Now I need to get the pictures from last week's jewelry making marathon out of my camera.  I hope I can share those later this week.


  1. Hi, Betsy! So pretty, as always! I love the watch face necklaces especially. Congrats on selling them all!

  2. Simply marvelous...there are a ton of jewelry makers but your beauties really stand what you do!

  3. Hi Miss Betsy! I can see why those pieces sold so quickly. Lucky ladies to be sporting an original BETSY HOLETS Design! =o)

    I've been doing my share of buying old books lately, not sure why, I hope something will inspire me soon!


  4. I can see why they sold so fast - So pretty!
    Looking forward to seeing what you made during your "jewelry making marathon". :D
    Enjoy your evening.

  5. Hi Betsy..Love your watch jewelry! wonder they sold right away. Also, your finds pictured in your previous post are wonderful! ...and your sheet music in the shadeless lamps, what a great idea!
    Thanks for such great posts!

  6. You do wonderful work!! Each one is prettier than the last--love them all! Smiles, Julie

  7. How pretty! You're so creative.

  8. Love all of your jewelry. Found you when you left a comment about my fall home decor & fatty chihuahua "Dixie Bell" on my friends blog "Excuse Me While I Buy this Junk"

    I will definately be a follower. tiff

  9. Hi Betsy, I am so pleased you have shown us your jewelry designs. They are beautiful. I especially like the pearl one. *hugs*

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  11. I love how you use bits and pieces of found items to create your lovely jewelry. You are my long distance tutor - without even knowing it. ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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