Sunday, December 26, 2010

Repurposed Ornaments

What does one do after stepping on a box of ornaments that were carelessly left on the floor?  Use a few choice words, pick up the broken ornaments, toss them in the garbage, walk away, then finish decorating the tree.  Before I was able to get back to the tree, I felt this urge to take a second look in that garbage can.  Could something be salvaged here?  Of course!!   Please thank me for not grabbing my camera and taking a picture of the contents of the garbage can.  I fished the little cap thingies out of the garbage and set them aside.  I just knew I'd be wearing them one way or another.

This silver top didn't flatten out all the way, but it was the perfect size for a flat back marble to rest in.  Sheet music + vintage button = brooch.

Little buttons with rhinestones

These flattened gold tops weren't in the box that broke, I just took them off of some ornaments I no longer use.  The buttons are actually much brighter than they appear in this picture. 

Mother of Pearl buttons and lavender rhinestones from an old necklace.

These are my favorites.  Only one Shiny Brite broke when I stepped on the box, so I hunted down a matching top from another ball.  These tops are older and thicker than the others, so I just left them alone rather than try to flatten them out.  The little rhinestones are from another pair of vintage earrings. 

I think I'll be sifting through all my unused ornaments before I put them away for the year. I just might find some more inspiration at the bottom of a Shiny Brite box.  Sometimes a little accident can be a good thing;-)

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