Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Blogging Bloopers Party

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Blogging Bloopers Party
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What a fun and honest way to start out the new year.  Yes, confession is good for the soul;-)  I probably have more than one bloop-up, but this is the only one that got my attention.  In September I posted about some junk  treasures I was repurposing.  You can see the entire post at A Second Life for Some Funky Junk.

Here's the offending lamp that was calling out for a new life.

I removed the ring where the globe sat, spray painted it black,
then cut out the cork board to fit in the ring.
Measure twice, cut once.  So far so good.....

I covered the cork board with burlap, glued it in the frame, added a chain,
 and then some pictures.

The finished product.  One problem:  it's backwards.

I cut it out the right way, but glued it on the wrong side of the ring.  I remember when I took these pictures something still didn't feel right because the decorative edge was rubbing on the wall.  I didn't notice the backwards mistake until the day after I posted this. Yes, that decorative edge looked much better on the outside....I just had to fix it


  1. too funny! Came over from BNOTP; I also posted a blooper. These are cracking me up! This looks like something I would do. ;-)

  2. Been there done similar. Thanks for sharing your blooper with the rest of us.

  3. LOL! But you know, it looks good either way. Thanks for sharing. These bloopers have all been fun!

    Happy New Year...


    Sheila :-)

  4. Oh yeah, that feeling that it is going together soooo nicely. Don't trust that feeling! At least it wasn't ruined.


  5. Doubt that I would have ever known it was backwards. I have a feeling I have many bloopers I could come up with. :D I am visiting blogs now while my daughter is visiting with a childhood friend, who came to visit while they are in from out of town.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  6. Know that feeling.. It's really a cool project though..

  7. Oh no! We have all been a little backwards at one time or another! Very cute repurpose though!
    Happy New Year!

  8. That's pretty funny! I understand why you felt the need to fix it, even though it still looked nice "as was." Very creative! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  9. Oh no! I can see me doing this one! I am glad you could fix it. What a cute project though.

  10. Hee! But it's even pretty backwards. Somehow everything you touch turns to gold...

  11. Betsy, This is funny! It's great us bloggers can laugh at ourselves.

  12. Funny about design, we know what is wrong but no one else can tell. I didn't catch it until you told us. It takes a very confident artist/creator to show a blooper. (I still hide mine under the What a beautiful idea with the lamp rim. Just georgeous. *hugs*

  13. Very cool, I love that filigree metal.

  14. I love your blog and your escapades! OMG about the flood zone! I'll bet there were lots of ruined treasures!! Not good! I love your creativity! I'm a new follower...stop by and say Hi someday!


  15. If that is your worst blooper, you're doing great. If I had had time to compose a post for this party, it would probably have been a rather long one! lol

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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