Wednesday, January 19, 2011

College Flea Market Finds

I had high hopes for a Saturday morning estate sale I saw on Craigslist this past weekend.  Antiques and collectibles, years of accumulation, selling everything from storage unit, below market prices, blah, blah, blah.  I thought it would be well worth the half hour, early morning drive.  No such luck and very misleading.  One very angry couple even accused the sellers of false advertising.  I was disappointed, but happy to still have money in my wallet.

I drove around hoping to spy another sale or two.  Again, no such luck.  As I drove past the community college I noticed all the white canopies and remembered the flea market they have in their parking lot every weekend.  I don't shop at this market because it's full of tools, car parts, toys, electronics, etc.  Feeling frustrated with the lack of vintage treasures in my trunk, I decided to take a quick look around.  I flew down the aisles passing up booth after booth of new merchandise, and finally managed to sniff out a few vintage treasures......

I thought this hanging metal shopping reminder was so cute.  It even has a little compartment for your trading stamps and tiny magnets to remind you to buy biscuits, cream, and starch.  What, no lard?

I'll never have too many frames.  These are really old and in good shape except for the bad paint job.  I haven't decided if I want to paint them white or rough them up a bit and tone down that gold.

More jewels for repurposing, cool knob with chippy black paint, and a big fork for stamping.

These were my favorite find of the day.  I walked away from them at first and regretted it two minutes later.   When I went back, the dealer gave me a better deal for the five of them.   I think these little girls in their first Holy Communion dresses are so precious.

These two are embossed with "My First Communion"
In the third picture, these girls are in the picture together.

These two girls don't look that much alike, but they might have been sisters or cousins.  Do you think that explains why they're in the picture together?   The last three are embossed with "My Communion"

 After taking a closer look at all of these, the wicker chair, table, and carpet are the same, but the flowers and vases are different in these last two. 

Unfortunately, the dealer didn't know anything about these.  Who are these girls?  Where and when were these taken?  I was able to slip one of the photos out of the frame without bending it, but there was nothing written on the back.  I'm always so curious about old photos.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

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