Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Life For an Old Tool

I found this old concrete trowel made out of wood about 1 1/2 years ago at a church rummage sale in Oklahoma.  It reminded me of a piece of driftwood and it had the most wonderful patina.  I call it patina, the woman I bought it from called it crust.  She said that her father made his own tools and used this for many years.  Imagine all the patios and sidewalks this beauty helped create......

I thought about a towel holder, but the crust patina wasn't going to come off.  I stashed it away and completely forgot about it until I saw this post from Jane at Mamie Jane's.  She made a magnetic picture holder out of a grout trowel.  I immediately had to find my long lost trowel; not an easy job in my messy garage.  Maybe I'm not as disorganized as I thought I was because it was in the first place I looked.

After years of use, this worn out old handle must have been a perfect fit for the hand of its maker.  After I bought it, I noticed the stamped words on the side of the handle:  HARRINGTON, L.A. CALIF. I guess he might have worked for that company, or he added the wood bottom to the metal plate.

The handle holds it up when turned on its side.  All the rhinestones are shiny, but some look a little dull in the picture.  Since it reminded me of driftwood, I thought COTTAGE would be a good word to spell out with the bits and pieces of old jewelry. 

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