Friday, January 14, 2011

Repurposed Necklaces

My list of outside things to do has been growing longer and longer.  I have so many projects lined up out in the garage, but it's been too cold to work out there for about a week now.  I know, I shouldn't be complaining about daytime highs in the 40's, but that's darn cold here in Central California.

The sun came out this afternoon and it reached a beautiful 61 degrees.  Wow, a heat wave.  Love it!  It was warm enough to take some pictures outside without having my fingers turn blue.  These are some necklaces I made the other day from my stash of jewels waiting to be repurposed.......

I think this rhinestone piece is half of a sweater guard pin; I used the other half in another necklace project.  The chain is from a rosary I found in an antique store a few weeks ago.

This purple rhinestone flower was a clip on earring.  The beads and chain were salvaged from other pieces of jewelry.

The tiny purple rhinestones show up a little better in this picture.

This was also a clip on earring.  The little rhinestone beads, pearls, and chain are from a few other vintage pieces.

I bought this cute old change purse at an antique show a few months ago; I just knew it had to become a necklace.  Bits and pieces of vintage chain, beads, charms, and buttons dress it up a little.  It needed something extra on the front, so I added a little brass filigree and part of an old earring.

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