Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vintage Button Charm Bracelets

I've been busy making more vintage button charm bracelets.  These are so much fun to put together and they got a whole lot easier a couple of years ago when I finally put this high-tech gadget together....

Isn't it beautiful?  The same type of gadget is available online and in catalogs for about $15.00, but why spend the money when a chunk of wood, dowel, hooks, and a drill were sitting in my garage.  I never noticed that the bar code label was still on the dowel until I saw this picture.  This gadget makes it so much easier to attach buttons or charms to the bracelet chain.  I just straighten the chain and attach both ends to the hooks, then adjust the dowels to fit the length of chain. 

These are all glass buttons except for the larger plastic blue button in the center.  I also added some beads and a few tiny rhinestone buttons for extra sparkle.  I thought this one would be great for Valentine's Day and the 4th of July.

I used some vintage fabric, clear plastic, and rhinestone buttons for this one.  Then I covered some buttons with toile and added a few beads.

I think this bracelet is my favorite because it can also be worn as a necklace.  Just attach the extra length of chain by hooking the two toggle clasp sets together.

This one is made from gold and wine colored antique brass and glass buttons. 

These so are addicting.  I keep little individual plastic bags of "bracelets in progress" and add to each bag until I have the right combination to put a bracelet together.

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