Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vintage Button Charm Bracelets

I've been busy making more vintage button charm bracelets.  These are so much fun to put together and they got a whole lot easier a couple of years ago when I finally put this high-tech gadget together....

Isn't it beautiful?  The same type of gadget is available online and in catalogs for about $15.00, but why spend the money when a chunk of wood, dowel, hooks, and a drill were sitting in my garage.  I never noticed that the bar code label was still on the dowel until I saw this picture.  This gadget makes it so much easier to attach buttons or charms to the bracelet chain.  I just straighten the chain and attach both ends to the hooks, then adjust the dowels to fit the length of chain. 

These are all glass buttons except for the larger plastic blue button in the center.  I also added some beads and a few tiny rhinestone buttons for extra sparkle.  I thought this one would be great for Valentine's Day and the 4th of July.

I used some vintage fabric, clear plastic, and rhinestone buttons for this one.  Then I covered some buttons with toile and added a few beads.

I think this bracelet is my favorite because it can also be worn as a necklace.  Just attach the extra length of chain by hooking the two toggle clasp sets together.

This one is made from gold and wine colored antique brass and glass buttons. 

These so are addicting.  I keep little individual plastic bags of "bracelets in progress" and add to each bag until I have the right combination to put a bracelet together.


  1. I just found your blog....the bracelets are beautiful. What a great use of vintage buttons!

  2. I never heard of the "gadget" you mention. Now why didn't I think of that? Love the bracelets, especially the added toile and the bracelet/necklace! Kathleen

  3. Love your bracelets. They are beautiful and I especially like the idea of bracelet or necklace.

  4. Your bracelets are so pretty! I can see how that little gadget could save a lot of time.
    I glued some pieces together yesterday for a necklace (not thrilled with results), and that is all I accomplished in working on jewelry this weekend. I need to go back and finish a button bracelet I started long ago - I need to stop "over thinking" what I am working on. :D
    Have a great week.

  5. What a beautiful way to show off old buttons.

  6. Great idea! Love the toile covered one's, adorable!

  7. How beautiful and unique, I really like these bracelets! I'm also impressed with the stand that you made, you saved yourself quite a bit of money for just a few minutes of work, nice job!

  8. Betsy, I love your gadget and think I need to make myself one too!! I'm constantly turning and checking and this would be the answer for my game of "twister" that I play each time I make a bracelet! I love your bracelets and yes, they are addicting!! Have a good week, Julie

  9. Your bracelets are so pretty. What a wonderful way to use the hoard of buttons I keep getting. Are they hard to do? Tutorial please!

  10. I'm so in love - these are fabulously beautiful.

  11. It is always nice to find a gadget that helps to make our projects easier and more fun. Your bracelets are beautiful.

  12. Girl! Very Nice!!!


  13. Oh I LOVE these.
    Especially that cream button one!!!

    Thanks for showing us your secret 'tool'.
    I have a similar piece I use to make bows.
    And it is just as fancy as yours. =)


    barbara jean

  14. Wow Betsy!

    They are all so very beautiful. Leave it to you to create something to make your life easier. Great Job!

    I love all the bracelets but the one with the fabric covered buttons is very new and creative. I have never seen one before.

    Great Job! (As always)


  15. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    I love all the treasures you find. You have a beautiful blog.


  16. I also love the button bracelets and have for years.
    I went to Paducah Ky for the first time ever to a quilt show and a vebdor was selling them was that you?


  17. this is such a beautiful idea. I have my grandma's buttons in a silver tiered candy dish, but I'd love to make something like this with the really special ones! You are so creative!

  18. Those bracelets are all wonderful.

  19. Betsy, this button jewelry is amazing! I especially love the blue and red colors together on the heart charm bracelet. Beautiful. Buttons are so much fun and colorful, like candy that's better for you. :) I like your tip, also, for keeping the makings of a bracelet in a bag and adding to it until you have enough to complete the bracelet. And I totally need to make myself one of those dowel tools!

  20. You are brilliant and those bracelets are beautiful! What a great idea for all the old, vintage or stray buttons out there! I only wish I were so handy ....

  21. These are all such lovely creations, Betsy! And I'm so impressed with your little wooden gadget. I'll have to make one myself.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  22. I recently saw a post on making these and wanted to try. I'm so glad to find your page. These are some really beautiful ideas and I think they would be pretty easy for a ten year old and her friends to do.
    I have so many tins of old buttons from people and places over the years and wanted to do something with them instead of just passing them down. This would be great for the girls to do for themselves and as gifts. It just might keep them off the video games for a while!
    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely creations.


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