Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Stop Shopping

There were a few sales going on in town last Saturday, but only one got my attention.  It was in an older part of town and the ad mentioned my favorite words:  antiques, collectibles, estate, entire house and garage, rain or shine, doors open at 8:30.  Yes!  8:30am is good, 6:00am is not.  When I arrived at 8:15, the line was already thirty deep and at least double that when they opened.   Here's what I grabbed.....

Less than $2.00 for all these rulers and the yardstick.

A huge bag of old sewing notions for only $10.00.  I almost passed it up, but it was in a clear bag and I could see glitter, ribbon, needles, snaps, scissors, thimbles, velcro, lace, etc.

Ah, yes.  Butterick's Art of Dressmaking.  Copyright, 1927.  I love the graphics and some of the chapters are good for a few laughs.

Of course we can only find "becoming" colors in Paris.

Isn't this what every good wife and mother should be doing?

We used to have a Holly Sugar plant here in town.

The prices were a little high on their jewelry table, so I only bought three pieces. 

I don't buy a lot of glass, but this blue milk glass egg plate spoke to me.  I couldn't pass up the string of chandelier crystals, pink gloves, and the tissue holder.

I should have cleaned these abalone shells before I took the picture; they're actually real colorful with all the grime washed off.  Now they're waiting to be dressed up with sparkling jewels.  I had to have those old molds and the tarnished silver bowl.

I didn't even notice that this 10" wide bowl was was sterling until I got home.  It was only a few dollars and I had to grab!  It says Wallace Sterling 4207 and stamped Grand Baroque on the other end.  A quick internet search turned up some amazing results.

Bad girl Monique!  Why did you have to autograph the bowl? 
Personally, I like a little tarnish patina, but since I usually buy to resell,
I'm not sure what to do with this.  It would look a little better if I tried
 to polish it, but might make any flaws stand out too much.
Would you polish it, or keep the patina?


  1. Hi Betsy!
    I would have loved to have gone to this estate sale! I love everything you bought! I would leave the patina. :) Now you have me itching for estate sales!
    Have a great day!

  2. That looks like an awesome estate sale. Love the rulers and that blue egg plate is gorgeous. I would not polish the silver, but that's me. Thanks for linking up with Junkin Finds Friday this week! hugs, Linda

  3. Hi Betsy, You found some great things but especially the sterling piece for a few dollars. The price of silver shot up more today! I love the blue milk glass and the abalone shells. Looks like you had a fun and productive day.

  4. You did have a good day of shopping !
    I personally would polish the piece - maybe leave some patina in the design, but that is just my opinion. I personally don't care for the overly tarnished pieces - but what do I know. :D
    Thanks for the nice comment on the necklace.
    Enjoy your evening.

  5. you had me with just the rulers and then there was more and more and more! great finds,i LOVE estate sales.

  6. Love all the treasures! And all in one place is good. Must have been a good sale. I hope there are some estate sales going on this weekend here. There were last weekend, but I just wasn't in the mood. Imagine that!

  7. What a sale you went to!! I would do just a little cleaning on some of the flat surfaces, what a find!


  8. Awesome finds.Nothing wrong with a little tarnish in my book!Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

  9. What a great find! I'd love to see that Butterick's Art of Dressmaking in person. Let me know if you want to do a swap!

    Happy VTT!

  10. Wow you got some great things and sounds like the prices were great. ~~Sherry~~

  11. what a great stuff you bought there! I really love the colours from Paris... -;)

  12. Fantastic finds! Those prices just leave me speechless.

  13. The blue egg plate is my favorite. I like the patina also, have a couple of those. I have cleaned them up, of course they don't stay that way long. You had a great day.

  14. You know how I love old rulers and yardsticks!! You made some great purchases. Looks like it was a great estate sale.

  15. Oh, what great finds. I love the jewelry you found!! Happy VTT

  16. You really hit the jackpot at this sale. All your finds are great. I like that blue egg dish the most. I have seen them in the past, but never in blue.

  17. Hi Betsy,

    You did good girl!! great treasures! I'd leave the silver unpolished, but that's just me cuz I'm too lazy to do it!! :0)
    Happy hunting,

  18. WOW great finds. I always polish my silver but I know the in thing is to leave it tarnished.

  19. wow, such a lovely things from long time ago.
    i am addicted to lace and i have a lot too in my artroom and on my blog.
    i like old things and your blog looks wonderful

  20. Oh I love your finds! That egg plate is such a pretty blue! And the sewing book from 1927 is so cool too! But the silver plate was a SCORE!! Not sure if I'd polish it or not. Probabably not given my lazyism *winks* Vanna

  21. They are terrific finds. I especially love the rulers and the blue egg dish. We get up at 6am for the sales and it makes me grumpy until I find my first treasure. ♥O

  22. Oh how I love your blue milk glass egg dish! What a thing of beauty!!! I like polished silver, but leaving a little tarnish in the crevices.

  23. You have so many great items. Good shopping.

  24. You really scored big time! I would have grabbed the bag of thread, patterns, etc in a heartbeat. Love the rulers and yardsticks too. Hope you had a great VTT.

  25. I would say you found some wonderful treasures. I really like the blue egg plate. But, it is all lovely. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  26. Beautiful estate sale finds...I especially love the egg plate, jewelry and silver...looks like the long line was worth the wait :)
    Big hugs,

  27. What a great bunch of loot!

    My vote is for leaving the patina on that gorgeous hunk of silver.

    And that blue egg plate! Oh my.

    Ya done swell!

  28. Great finds Betsy! I have a tiny measuring tape that was my grandmother's- I keep it in my purse for those spontaneous finds and I need to know if it will fit! :)
    As for polishing....hmmmm...only us junkers appreciate patina sometimes. I think it's a 50/50 toss up. Some won't appreciate the tarnish, others will.
    thanks for linking up!

  29. Great finds, especially the sterling bowl and that beautiful egg plate.

  30. You picked up some fun stuff -- my favorite is that little book from 1927! I'm going to keep an eye out for it in your shop!

  31. Wonderful finds. I miss the sales I would find when I lived in CA (now Idaho). I would not polish. Some (like me) will appreciate the "history".

  32. I believe the pretty blue plate is delphite, more uncommon than milk glass or jadeite. You were lucky to find it, especially with what looks like all of it's gold intact. My mother is jealous. I really like that dressmaking book, also.

  33. What a great sale, so many goodies!! Thanks for linking up with VIF!

  34. good treasures!!! just a note to let you know you won one of my necklaces, just send me your address, my contact is on my sidebar, congrats!!!

  35. I think the old silver is great just like it is. I can't believe that people just about give it away.

  36. Great finds - love the Abilone shells - I have one my mom gave me and love seeing all the colors on the inside.

  37. Fun finds and I loooove the blue milk glass.

  38. Fantisimo! What a wonderful surprise to see the "sterling" label on this bowl.

    It is divine!

    As is your egg dish. I love the gold trim and the blue combination of color.



  39. You sure found a treasure trove!!! Love the better start covering a will be done soon! Ha! Love that sewing illustrations!
    As for the silver dish....just the way it is...perfect!

  40. I'm having fun going back to look at some of your other treasures! Hugs! ♥

  41. For the most part, I leave tarnished pieces tarnished. A person can always polish a piece after they purchase it - if they prefer that look. But it takes a long time to get a nice aged patina on a piece.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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