Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Repurposed Yardsticks

A few of the gazillion things I always have on my "focus list" when I'm out junking are vintage yardsticks, rulers, and old hooks.   I usually wait until I have enough yardsticks to put together at least four of these boards, but I felt a surge of inspiration after reading the latest issue of Flea Market Style.

I used inexpensive 3 1/2 wide lumber as a base, rounded off the cut edges with some coarse sandpaper,  and applied a light stain to take away the stark new look of the lumber.  The smaller end pieces were cut first, then the larger pieces to fit in between.  I applied wood glue to the board and set all the pieces in place.  A few small finishing nails on the larger pieces was all it took to hold everything together. 

I gave these old hooks several coats of matte acrylic sealer before attaching them to the boards.  After drilling the holes and adding the hooks, I attached two sawtooth hangers to the back of each board.

I had about one minute to get these pictures before the sky opened up and soaked everything.  I wanted to hang them inside, but it was just too dark.  It was a shoot and run afternoon.

Remember Woolworth's?  Whittier Hardware carried hardware, glass, plumbing, heating, and all kinds of utensils for the housewife.  How convenient and thoughtful.  But, you could "Save more at your Rasco store."

You can see another one of my repurposed yardstick makeovers here:

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