Monday, April 18, 2011

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood on Sunday for the Roseville Spring Antique Market.  Once again, Sandy, Erika, and their team from The Tattered House did an amazing job organizing this event.  Every April and September, a portion of Oak Street in downtown Roseville is blocked off to make room for the 50+ vendors and gazillions of shoppers.  I think the friendly atmosphere and cozy setting makes this show so much fun.

My mom joined me again and brought along some of her treasures to sell.  She's such a trooper and still keeps up with all the action.  We prayed that the slight chance of rain for late afternoon would hold off until after the show.  We were packed up and ready to leave at 6:15pm, just as it started to sprinkle.

A few pictures of my space....

Fresh blooms in a kerosene lantern base and an old metal drawer.

How true!

My Mod Podge mannequin is sporting some necklaces made from chandelier crystals.  I wanted to get a picture of her with my brother, but he was worried about a scandal. 

My brother Bob and my sister-in-law Cindee.  They live in Roseville and always like to come over to check out the action.

Look who came out to shop and visit.  I was so happy to be able to meet two bloggy friends in person.  I only wish we had more time to visit...

It was a very busy day and I only had a chance to get out to a couple of booths before the crowd arrived.  So many wonderful treasures.

Lipstick Gypsy all the way from Idaho.
  Look at these amazing feather earrings!

Aren't these burlap pillows wonderful?

Who wouldn't love a bottle of wine wrapped up in these bags?

I watched some lucky people walking away with this fabulous mattress art.  If only I had room in my truck!

The Roseville Fall Antique Market will be held on September 18, 2011. 


  1. Hi there Betsy! It was so so nice to meet you in person!!! Wasn't it just a fabulous day!?!?

    I was checking that out (forget to take a photo of it). My husband would die if I came home with that, good thing it was already sold, LOL


  2. The market looks so fun! I am envious...Thanx for sharing! Tiff Visit me sometimes....Giveaway once I hit 200 followers.

  3. I soooo wish I could have gone!!! It looks like you had lots of inspiration....and had a great time!!!

  4. Oh I wish...It all seemed sooo much fun, and the goodies! Thanks much for sharing. Luv-

  5. That looks like so much fun and love your chandelier necklaces on that adorable mannequin!

  6. Would loved to have been there !!!!! Sounds like you had a successful sale - Good for you!

  7. I love looking at booths, how fun to do a small market, I would love to do one, but I am held back by the lifting a lugging, your booth looks fabulous!!


  8. Looks like so much fun - wish I could have been back in Roseville for this. Hope you sold a bunch! :-)

  9. Oh i wish we had events like that near me :( looks like complete heaven hope you all had a great time

  10. This event looks heavenly. Sounds like you had alot of fun~ ;-)

  11. Looks like a great time....great displays too!
    I spot some great stuff from your blog there.
    Super neat to meet blog friends....lucky gal!
    Have a terrific week!

  12. Betsy, I would have love to browse that market! It looks like it had alot of wonderful treasures!!
    BTW, the hubby is mailing your package today!! I think its awesome that I live on the East Coast and my winner lives on the West Coast!!

  13. The show looked like so much fun..and some very neat creations! Love your display as always Betsy...

  14. It looks like it was a wonderful time, hope you sold everything! Looks like there were lots of wonderful vendors and it must have been lots of fun to meet follow bloggers!

  15. Wish I was there! Sounds absolutely heavenly! Your booth looks awesome!

  16. Looks like a fun day. Wish I lived near you. I'd be there checking out all the goodies. Thanks for sharing the great photos.

  17. Looks like it was a great show!


  18. Your booth looks great Betsy! I absolutely love the decoupaged dress form, she's a beauty!
    It's so cool the way your family supports you, and isn't it fun when you get to meet blogging friends? What a great day you had!

    Talk to you soon,

  19. That looks like so much fun. I want to whine and say I wished I lived close to an area like that. I would set up a table.
    Your tent was full. I am amaized how smart some ladies are and can set their own tents up. I always laugh and say I know how to hold a hammer and thats its when it comes to tools.
    Do you do your own set up?

    Also meeting all the blogers ladies Wow

  20. WOW Such eye candy!! I love your manny! I keep hoping I run into one someday...have my paeeterns waiting ;)

  21. Oh, when I see what all I missed...........


    But seriously, your booth looked great!

    That mannequin!!!!

    And that big conch shell with the little shell what-ever-it-is!!!!


  22. Isn't it a blast to meet bloggers in person?! I've met a handful now and it makes reading their blogs even more fun.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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