Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Do I Really Need More Stuff?

Of course I do.  I had to ask myself this question as I was planning my out of town weekend.  I knew my truck would be fully loaded with inventory for the antique show on Sunday, but how could I pass up a flea market that's always been very good to me?  I just couldn't resist, so I decided to limit myself to the small stuff....

I'm glad I found a few more pieces of flatware for stamping.  These will replace some of what I sold at the antique show on Sunday.  I'm loving those candlesticks.  The man I bought them from said they were over 80 years old.  That metal picture frame is an odd size, so I may have a hard time finding something to fit.  That's just the cardboard backing, but now I'm thinking I should put a chalkboard in it.

I bought 2 boxes full of keys.  Most were ordinary, but I just love these old hotel keys.  Very interesting name....Hardman House Motor Inn:)

Hotel Theresa.  Sounds like a five star establishment to me.  Some of these wood tags and keys are from steamship lines.

Buttons, glass knobs, jewelry, and creamy trim.  Yes, that's $2.00 for over 22 yards of trim.

My regular pile of rhinestones and buttons.  Funny how these always show up in my junking finds. 

This was the most exciting find of the day.  It's a sewing machine cover from Household Sewing Machine Company in Providence, RI.  The machine this came from was manufactured in the late 1800's and came in walnut or this light oak wood.  Don't you just love the graphics?

Hmm, it looks to me like someone kept a plant on top. 
Have you ever used Howard Restore-A-Finish?  I love this stuff!  I DO NOT enjoy completely refinishing furniture...too much work unless I'm keeping it for myself.  This stuff is a wonderful alternative.  It doesn't actually strip the wood,  it just cleans it up and brings it back to life.  For damage like this I'll use #0000 steel wool.  I'll take some "after" pictures when I finish with it.  I hope Howard doesn't disappoint!

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