Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Do I Really Need More Stuff?

Of course I do.  I had to ask myself this question as I was planning my out of town weekend.  I knew my truck would be fully loaded with inventory for the antique show on Sunday, but how could I pass up a flea market that's always been very good to me?  I just couldn't resist, so I decided to limit myself to the small stuff....

I'm glad I found a few more pieces of flatware for stamping.  These will replace some of what I sold at the antique show on Sunday.  I'm loving those candlesticks.  The man I bought them from said they were over 80 years old.  That metal picture frame is an odd size, so I may have a hard time finding something to fit.  That's just the cardboard backing, but now I'm thinking I should put a chalkboard in it.

I bought 2 boxes full of keys.  Most were ordinary, but I just love these old hotel keys.  Very interesting name....Hardman House Motor Inn:)

Hotel Theresa.  Sounds like a five star establishment to me.  Some of these wood tags and keys are from steamship lines.

Buttons, glass knobs, jewelry, and creamy trim.  Yes, that's $2.00 for over 22 yards of trim.

My regular pile of rhinestones and buttons.  Funny how these always show up in my junking finds. 

This was the most exciting find of the day.  It's a sewing machine cover from Household Sewing Machine Company in Providence, RI.  The machine this came from was manufactured in the late 1800's and came in walnut or this light oak wood.  Don't you just love the graphics?

Hmm, it looks to me like someone kept a plant on top. 
Have you ever used Howard Restore-A-Finish?  I love this stuff!  I DO NOT enjoy completely refinishing furniture...too much work unless I'm keeping it for myself.  This stuff is a wonderful alternative.  It doesn't actually strip the wood,  it just cleans it up and brings it back to life.  For damage like this I'll use #0000 steel wool.  I'll take some "after" pictures when I finish with it.  I hope Howard doesn't disappoint!


  1. what a great stuff you have, i really like the (hotel)keys!

  2. Wow,you did real good and I bet you are so glad you went. I love the sewing machine box...great logo. The old leather key tags are really cool. Those candle sticks are real beauties! Great haul!

  3. Those hotel and steamship keys are really interesting and unique. I wonder how many of them belong to establishments that no longer exist? Great score!
    PS Huge fan of Howard.

  4. Do you need more stuff? Of course - because you make pretty creations out of the "stuff" you accumulate. :-D That 2nd picture of the keys looks like it probably has a good bit of years/history on them. Looking forward to seeing what you do with all your new "stuff".
    Enjoy your evening.

  5. Wow, what a treasure trove you have there!!! Nothing frome the Mustang Ranch, heh, in those keys?!?!?


  6. Betsy, my favorite of your treasures is the sewing machine cover. I am a sewer so I appreciate anything in that department. Especially old machines.

  7. What wonderful finds. Silver is lovely but my favorite is the old sewing machine cover. I love anything to do with antiques and sewing.

  8. Great treasures! You pick many of the same things I do. The "Mission" key on the Mission Bell is great! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Make it a chalkboard! Those keys are fantastic ~ why don't I ever find them? You got such great loot(rosary!), what lucky finds. You've got me itching to get out there and scavenge some myself!


  10. Yes, we always need more stuff!!! You found some great things. Love the sewing machine and can't wait to see what you do with the keys. Glad you didn't run into anymore crusty old men!

  11. Yes, keep on buying. You are helping the economy and scoring some good stuff at the same time!

  12. You always need more stuff ~ if it makes you smile ~ yes, yes, yes, You look like you had fun ;-)

  13. Great scores, nothing more fun than a good day at the flea market! Howard's Restore A Finish is an incredible product. I've used it several times on pieces that were pretty badly damaged and they came out looking "like new". Awesome product.

  14. Great treasures girl!!!

    barbara jean

    PS how are your watch faces holing up? I just got more.

  15. The keys were such a great find! And the sewing machine cover is so unique. Love your blog! I'm a new follower. Now I have to start reading back all your old entries. :)

    Stop by my blog if you get a chance!

  16. Such great's definitely the season for shopping for vintage stuff!

  17. Among your finds, the keys are what I love the most. I love antique keys and I would want them to turn as necklaces. Have a great week my friend!

  18. Silly question, of course you need more stuff! I am in love with your hotel keys! Everyone uses those cards for keys now, I almost forgot that they used to have keys with cool tags attached!

  19. Yes! You most certainly do need more stuff! Because can you ever get too much love?

  20. More stuff is good especially when it is as good as this stuff so don;t worry. Amazing finds. Love it all!!

  21. Hi Betsy,

    You have a real eye for the best vintage collectibles of anyone I know.

    Things that others will pass up, you see and make beautiful.

    That is quite a gift.



  22. Betsy, The sewing machine cover is fabulous! I always tell myself I don't need more stuff but of course something always ends up going home with me. Great finds.

  23. One can always use a little more stuff is what I say!!!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful stuff at Treasure Hunt Thursday. The old hotel keys are great. And, I love the sewing machine cover.

  24. Yes.. you can use more stuff! I love all those old hotel keys!
    What a great find!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  25. Call me next time you go thrifting....I WANT TO PLAY TOO!!

  26. Great finds!! Lovin' the keys and jewelry.
    Will have to keep Howard Restore-A-Finish in mind.
    Wow, were all those garage sales in Tracy overwhelming! But so fun!!!!
    Thanks again for the heads up ♥♥

  27. I just came across your blog from another blog...LOVE your BLOG! I don't know what it is about looking at photos of the (junk) treasures that other people have found...but I LOVE it! I guess it's a reminder that we're not alone for our love for finding vintage things. :)


  28. Looks like you found some great treasures...Loving those keys and the fun!
    Can't wait to see the finished product with that beautiful sewing lid.
    Have a terrific and blessed Easter.

  29. Oh, you got some seriously fantastic treasures! All the silver to gorgeous and the keys, how cool are those! And the sewing box cover is a major cool find! Thank you for sharing at TTF! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

  30. The stories of the hands that held those keys once-upon-a-time. You found some great things. I like the sewing machine cover. My husband mixes uses 1/3 denatured alcohol and 2/3 lacquer thinner w/steel wool applicator(for original finished furniture) to redistribute the finish. Evaporates fast if left open. I love the sewing machine cover and had eyed it in the first photograph, wondering what it was. Came by way of Brambleberry's link. Enjoyed the post. Thanks, Jenn

  31. Looks like you got some treasures! I love the sewing machine cover.

  32. When I saw the "Do I Really Need More Stuff" title, I thought well, duh....

    What a haul.

    Can't wait to see the end result on the sewing machine cover.....

    Go Howard!

  33. Great finds. I have never seen a stash of hotel keys. That would be a find of a lifetime for me. Thnks for showing the sewing cover close up. You were teasing me in the first photo. Good clean up tips too. Thanks

  34. You always show a pile of rhinestones and trinkets, but at least you do something with them. My pile just keeps getting bigger! Yes, I've used Howards refinisher...I like it!!!

  35. So many incredible finds! How could anyone resist?

    Those hotel key tags are so cool! Thank you for the tip about the Howard Restor-a-finish!


  36. You did great!
    I passed up some hotel keys recently and am still kicking myself!

    Where do you get the Howards?

  37. Yes, I've used Howard's before, great stuff. It really cleaned up the nicks in the woodwork at our last house when we had it up for sale.

    I think my friends sister, who is visiting here from Calif. was at your Roseville sale, small world! She showed me a stamped spoon key ring, "finding treasures"(?) was that you?

  38. Do any of us need anymore stuff...I know I don't but if I want it, I get it and worry about it later.

  39. I'm always so happy with the goods I discover around here, that is, until I see your fabulous finds, Betsy! You locate the best stuff - so cheaply. But, it's always fun to see what you end up doing with all the "stuff". ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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