Monday, April 4, 2011

Opening Day Yard Sale Finds

Play ball!  My son went to the Oakland A's opening day game on Friday, and I went to the opening day yard sales.  That's how I felt Friday morning when I headed out the door.  Spring is in the air and brought us some much needed sunshine and warmer temperatures last week.  We've had sales here and there all winter, but now that I don't have to wear a jacket and make my way through the fog, it's time to play....

I'm loving this old game board with its vibrant colors.  The books are in real bad shape, but the price was right and they have great graphics.   I think the enamel bowls might need to be planted.

Just enough chippiness.  Is that a word? 

This old picnic basket is in great shape except for the leather around the strap.  A big shell, jewelry, beads, and this silver dish make me a happy player.

I bought four more of these glass tubes full of old beads, but these were the only ones that didn't roll off the patio table and break.  I finally gave up trying to separate the beads from the broken glass. 

Yummy old trim.  I was told the brown trim is from the 40's, over 12 yards of it. 

I love this sweet old doll furniture.  They had a huge box full of little furniture, but unfortunately most of it was broken beyond repair.  After picking through the entire box, these four pieces were the only ones worth buying.  The bed even has a little mattress, mattress cover, and sheet under the crocheted top.

Do I have a bed theme going on here?  This vintage cast iron crib was too good to pass up.  Such a deal.  I think I'll prop those side rails up vertically and use them for display in my booth.  Lots of possibilites here.

Oops!  Almost forgot this sewing stand in the back seat of my truck.  The lid flips open and has a removable tray inside.  It's going to need some serious odor removal intervention.  I bought the carrier with the little bottles at a barn sale this weekend; the flowers were included.  I show you some pictures from the barn sale in my next post.

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