Sunday, April 10, 2011

Repurposed Thread Cones

My inspiration for these repurposed vintage thread cones came from the latest issue of Flea Market Style magazine.  Who doesn't find inspiration there?  They made a memo holder from a cone of heavy duty string by pinning little mementos and a picture on the cone.  I didn't have a cone of heavy duty string, but I did have these....

and I had these....

Now they're little picture holders and a jewelry display.

I painted the top with some metallic silver paint, then added a vintage rhinestone button on top.  The lavender thread was dirty, so I had to unwind the top layer.

I painted the red top black, then topped it off with a vintage earring and a piece that came from a rhinestone brooch. 

I'm not crazy about the color of this spool, but figured I might as well dress it up along with the others.  I painted the red and yellow top with some metallic gold paint.  Instead of pinning on a picture, I attached some vintage brooches just to show how it could be used to display jewelry.  This one and the black one would work together decorated for Halloween

While I was putting these together, I started thinking of so many possibilities.  I don't even want to think about the holidays right now, but wouldn't various shades of green make cute little Christmas trees?  Silver and gold would look good too.  Now I have something else to add to my "focus list" when I'm out shopping.

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