Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Finally Finished" Makeovers

It feels so good to finally get a few more projects crossed off my "to do" list.  I'm so happy this bulletin board/chalkboard is ready to tag along with me to the antique show this Sunday.

The antique mirror frame had been sitting out in my garage since last October.   I'm so bad.

This is it...goldness and all.  The thick mirrors were just too heavy for the lightweight frame and the center mirror was falling out because of the rot.  Once upon a time there was a decorative piece of carved wood attached to the top center.

This is why it sat idle for so long.  When I hit a roadblock with a project, I tend to move along to something else.  You know...instant gratification.  Part of the frame was rotted out and needed repair.  I removed the rotted part and filled it with Plastic Wood.  It still needed some more support, so I cut out one T-shaped piece of sheet metal and two L-shapes.  I glued on the L-shapes and screwed in the T-shape.  Perfect! 

I painted the frame with two coats of antique white latex paint.  Then I applied one coat of antique pine Flag brand classic wax;  I've had this can for so many years and can't remember where I bought it.  The wax had a real creamy consistency, so it went on easily with a brush and didn't get stuck in the carved areas.

I had a huge corkboard ($2.00 yard sale find) and cut two pieces slightly smaller than the openings.  I used a spray adhesive to apply the burlap.  The chalkboard insert was already finished because I cut and painted it along with a few others last fall.  I was on a roll to finish this project and that's why I didn't get many pictures along the way. 

These little projects were from a Granny Sale a couple of weeks ago.  I painted and waxed the corbels and candlesticks, and placed a vintage postcard in that piece from an old cash register.  Yeah, that was real hard to do:-)

Brown paper hides a multitude of sins.  Trust me, you don't want to see the mess behind it.


  1. Hi Betsy! I love this project of yours. My attention was also caught on the key necklace. I love it. :)

  2. Really cute, been looking for one to make like that for my daughter. Love all the carving.

    You did a great job stablizing it. What kind of wax are you using? I love seeing what you are doing.

  3. WOW, Betsy, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! Where is the antique sale on Sunday?!?!?!

    I'm with you, when a project isn't instant gratification, it gets put on the backburner, but boy, this one was well worth the wait, it's fabUlous!

    I'm off to Sutter Creek this morning!!! I just hope the rain holds off!!!!


  4. Love how this turned out! It was lots of work but oh so pretty!

  5. Good job, Betsy! Everything looks great! I did the same thing to an antique mirror frame for a customer. Yes, the back was a mess. I covered mine with pretty fabric.

  6. Gorgeous Betsy! I love it!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! Betsy, you did an amazing job.

  8. I love it , I like the burlap for the cork, the frame, it all is perfect.

    I see you are missing your followers too? Wonder what is going on?


  9. Great re-work of the mirror! Love the burlap over the cork and the combination of chalkboard and bulletin board!!!

  10. Love your beautiful triptych message board! It would be perfect in my house. Why is it so far away?

  11. Betsy your make overs are all gorgeous!!

  12. Great transformation! That mirror frame makes an excellent bulletin board/blackboard. It's very pretty.
    I always cover the back of my pictures with brown paper you said, it covers a multitude of sins!

  13. Great job! But I'm curious about the vintage button charm necklace post. It's on the feed but not your blog. Is blogger still having issues?

  14. I love you how casually mention "I cut out one T-shaped piece of sheet metal and two L-shapes" -- I would have no clue about that! Great projects -- hope your sale goes really well.

  15. Hi Betsy,

    You are so handy!

    I love how you reinforced the back of the vintage frame.

    As a mechanical engineer, you definately have what it takes to be one too.

    You always impress me with your projects and your originality.

    You should make a book and sell it.

    It would sell.

    Keep doing what you do.

    It inspires!



  16. You did a great job ~ it looks beautiful!

  17. You did a great job! At least when you hit a roadblock you do go back and finish. Here lately I hit a roadblock and just chunk the project.
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

  18. WOW you've been a busy girl! Sometimes when you get on a roll it's hard to stop. The problem is kicking it in gear to get started! That's always been my problem and it's nice to see someone else who is in the same boat with me!! Turned out great!

    XO Julie

  19. Lovely project, love how it turned out.

  20. Great makeover, so gorgeous:-)
    Hugs, Biljana

  21. You did a fabulous make over. I love your design for it...beautiful and so creative.

  22. Hi Betsy. What a fantastic transformation. Love the finished size of this bulletin / message board - fabulous idea! Thank you so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase Party. I featured this on Sunday! Hope you have a lovely week ~ Stephanie Lynn

  23. I'd be ashamed to tell you how long some of my projects have set idle! But all your hard work was well worth it, Betsy. The vintage frame makes a beautiful chalk/memo board.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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