Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Fob"ulous Necklaces

When I bought two boxes of keys at a flea market a few weeks ago, I didn't even realize that these old hotel keys and fobs were part of the deal.  I took a quick look, saw a ton and a half of keys, paid the vendor, and off I went.

You can tell a lot about someone from the keys they collect forgot to return.  Souvenirs from business trips and vacations to New York, San Francisco, Connecticut, Virginia.  Then there was the one nighter at Hardman House Motor Inn, Carson City, NV. 

I picked out a few of the smaller fobs and started decorating them.....

This one was borrowed from Room 31 at an unknown hotel in Arlington, VA.
I added a page from a French dictionary and rhinestones from an old bracelet.

Room 225 from Villa Poncana Hotel in San Diego.
The pocket watch face was a perfect fit, and a little extra bling never hurts.

Whaler's Inne out on Route 1, Mystic, CT
Should I drop this in any mailbox and see what happens?

Room 43, The World Famous Olde English Inn, Victoria, BC.
Decorated with some vintage sheet music and part of a rhinestone necklace.

I'm not sure where Room 209 originated.  It's now decked out with some sheet music, an antiqued filigree, and a vintage earring.

I really can't remember the last time I used a real key in a hotel room.  Do you think they had to change the lock every time someone "forgot" to return the key? 
I still take the pens.

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