Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Repurposed Tissue Box

I can't remember where or when I bought this vintage silver tissue box.  I thought it was so pretty, but was never able to find a box of tissues that fit inside; they were all too deep.  It didn't sell at a couple of my antique shows either, so it was time for Plan C:  Repurpose.

Repurposed vintage tissue box

Mother's Day sign made from a vintage tissue box
The size of the lettering on this old sheet music cover was perfect.  Just in time for Mother's Day too.

how to repurposed a vintage tissue box
I cut out a piece of cardboard to fit inside the lid and used a glue stick to attach   the sheet music.  The last time I used a spray adhesive on sheet music, it bled right through.  A little bit of E-6000 glue holds everything in place.

turn an old tissue box into a hanging sign
Metal punch pliers are great for making clean holes in soft metals up to 18 gauge.

how to turn an old tissue box into a hanging sign
I used a 8mm jump ring to attach a 10" section of chain from an old necklace. 

tissue box
It was looking like it needed a little something extra, so I added this little flower pin to the center of the chain.

repurposed tissue box
For the box, I cut out a piece of cardboard just a little smaller than the bottom,  and a piece of black velvet about an inch larger all around. This time I used spray adhesive to attach the velvet to the cardboard.  I very carefully and professionally taped down the edges of this precisely cut piece of velvet;-)

use an old tissue box to display jewelry
I think this might just work as a way to display some of my jewelry.  Or, I could take out the velvet, throw in a linen napkin and use it as a bread basket.  Or, with glass on the bottom it would work as a container for pretty bottles.  Or......

repurpose a vintage tissue box
Box and lid back together again.

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