Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm Loving These Colors

What is it about blue, teal, turquoise, and aqua?  I'm crazy about these colors and they're all over the place in the jewelry I make and sell.  These are a few of the pieces I recently finished....

The inspiration for this vintage button charm bracelet came from three blue and gold round metal buttons.  Their painted design reminded me of a starfish.

I made this necklace from a vintage earring with turquoise and clear rhinestones, beads from a broken rosary, a strand from a broken faux pearl necklace, and a couple of antiqued silver connectors. 

An old clip on earring in yummy shades of blue is the focal point for this adjustable bracelet.  I layered two antiqued silver filigrees for the base.

I had just enough turquoise glitter left over to fill one more vintage perfume bottle.  I wire wrapped the neck and formed a bail above the top.  An antiqued silver goddess was just the right size for the front. Never again will I empty the contents of an old perfume bottle down the sink.  Never again will I rinse out another old perfume bottle without wearing gloves.  The smell odor lingered all day no matter how hard I tried to get rid of it.

OK, this doesn't fall into the same color category, but I thought I'd throw it in anyway.  The base is part of an old drawer handle I bought a few weeks ago.  I layered it with a mother or pearl button and topped it off with a vintage clip on earring.  I took an old necklace apart and used the pearls to make a new chain.

I think I'll just sell the four handles on top because they have fixed bolts.  The other flat one is still waiting to be transformed.

Switching gears for a minute.....

I had a successful day at the Pleasanton Antique Fair last Sunday.  The weather was perfect and the street was packed with shoppers.  I was by myself most of the day, so I never had a chance to walk around or take pictures.  I like getting out to visit, but being too busy with sales is a real good thing!  The button charm bracelet, turquoise glitter necklace, and the necklace with the drawer handle base all sold.  That's the idea, right?

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