Monday, June 27, 2011

My Kind of Yard Sale

MERCHANDISE FROM 9 FAMILIES - 7am to whenever we get tired!!  That's what the ad in our little weekly paper said on Friday.  It was the biggest ad in the paper, so I figured it was worth going to.... even without my first cup of coffee.

They had tons of well organized antique furniture, pictures, clothes, hardware, glass, linens, books, etc.  Everything on a table, and a table for everything.  I went straight for the women's department without even looking at the furniture.  Everything had to fit in my front seat.  No big stuff; I was sticking to my plan.

These towels are so sweet and in perfect shape.

Then I spotted five others at the other end of the table....all in perfect condition.

These are my favorites.  Hers is so pretty and detailed, but then he came along and insisted on a towel of his own.  I hope he was happy.

75" x 75" white table cloth

The monogram in the center looks like an A, but I can't make out the other initial.

This one is off white and measures 70" x 92"

Twelve handkerchiefs and a few doilies.  Have you ever seen a cow on a hankie before?

11" Brookpark bowl, milk glass, bottles, and a pretty blue lid to something.

Pardon my wrinkles.  I'll iron all these aprons and linens before my next antique show.  They'll just end up all wrinkled again from being smooshed in the closet.

I discovered these fifteen awesome Bakelite handles in a brown paper bag in the men's department.  After a quick thumb rub test, I added them to my secure pile.  I also bought the 38" round table topper they're sitting on.

Just to make sure, I did three other Bakelite tests when I got home:  409, Scrubbing Bubbles, and hot water.   They all tested positive.  You can check out this link for information on how to test for Bakelite.

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