Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Life for a Tired Old Camera

I spotted this vintage Brownie camera a few weeks ago at a church rummage sale.  Finally, my search was over; this was the one coming home with me.  It was dirt cheap because there was some thick grayish sticky substance all over the back side.  Hmm, almost like someone wanted to mount it to a wall.  This was another perfect candidate for repurposing.

I started to dissect it by removing the tiny screws from the front plate.  The center lens and the two finder lenses (the eyes) popped right out.

The center lens was a perfect fit inside this old pocket watch case.  The clock is just a picture I cut out of a magazine and glued to the inside of the glass.  Of course, everything looks better surrounded by rhinestones.

 I glued vintage sheet music to the flat side of the eyes with white glue.  They look like little bubbles.

S & H Green Stamp  + side lens + vintage shoe clip = necklace.  I popped these lenses off by prying them up with a little screw driver.

I couldn't forget the Blue Chip Stamp.  I glued the stamp to the inside of the top lens and then attached it to the antiqued filigree using E6000 glue.  A rhinestone bead and a couple of glass beads add some extra sparkle.

Like most of us, we were a Brownie camera family when I was growing up.  I'll never forget the time my younger brother pushed me in the lake as I was trying to take a picture with our new Brownie.  His excuse: "I wanted to see how big the splash would be."  So much for the vacation photos, and no one remembers if the camera ever worked again. We were also a Blue Chip Stamp family.  Those trips to the redemption store were always such a treat.  This is why cameras and trading stamps go together!! 

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