Thursday, June 16, 2011

Salvage Yard Tour, Part 2

As promised, here are some more pictures from our adventure at Morrow's Salvage in Medford, Oregon.  In my last post I shared pictures of this very interesting store that's stuffed full of unique treasures....

I'm not sure if these are actually called steering wheels, but now you know where to find one for your ship.

Love these rusty old toys, especially the trailer and the red bus.

 This doll is sweet compared to some of the others.

I was so tempted to bring one of these beauties home.

I love these watch faces.  I was attracted to several items that were screwed to the wall....and they weren't for sale. 

No doubt about it.  We all agreed that this was the creepiest display in the entire store, but there's definitely something to love. I like the bathtub, but it sure would look better in a garden with some flowers in it.

Most of the doors, tin ceiling tiles, cabinets, corbels, and other architectural beauties were in the basement.  In a junking post from last week, I shared a few of the green chippy pieces I bought; you can see them stacked against the back wall.  They were salvaged from a bridge over the Smith River in Northern California. 

I'll take what's behind door #55.

Why did we have the feeling we were being watched?

 I'll definitely be visiting again soon.


  1. OMG, Betsy, this store is just absolutley fabulous!!! Hmmmm, I could do without the coffin though, LOL, I hope it wasn't USED, ROTFL

    I hope you have a wonderful treasure hunting weekend!!


  2. Fantastic! Can I ride along with you next time? WOW!

  3. I love those stained glass windows and the corbels! What a great place to plunder!!!

  4. Wish I could have visited this place when my son lived in Portland.

  5. Like going on a treasure hunt in there. Yes - I see a few things I definitely would have to pass on.:D

  6. Now I can't wait to this in person! How were the prices?

  7. This place looks like a cross between a salvage yard, a museum and a theme park. I love, love, love it! But, I have to agree, some vintage dolls are just downright freaky!

    Thanks for linking to the party, Betsy. Although, NOW I want to visit your side of the world even more! ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  8. Looks like so much fun!! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I have heard of places such as this but I've never been to one,, now I have,, (well kind of) thanks ,, I could spend a day there,, with a couple of thousand dollars,, lol

  10. What a great place full of vintage treasures! How were their prices? We went to the one in Aurora and it was too spendy. Wish it was a little closer.
    Thanks for sharing.
    ~ Julie

  11. I could so get lost in this place!! so much to see and great inspiration!

  12. Hello Betsy! I was surprised then went afraid over the casket. It made me look twice if it's really one. I love the metal crafts too,the one with the fan design and the pointed classic fences. I always enjoy posts like this. You are giving me a tour in the other side of the world. :)

  13. Wow, looks worth the drive from my home in Portland!!! Thanks for coming by and for your kind comment!

  14. I love these tours!!
    I must admit, the casket is creepy (but it's supposed to be), and the top-doll reminds me of Toy-Story...
    But what really freaks me out, and don't laugh, is the stained glass window. I t reminds me of an evil face, looking at you with a devilish smile...*shudder* I wouldn't like to walk by a house with that window lit on a moonless night...

  15. Surprising how neat and clean the place looks. Great iron work pieces and interesting vignettes. I just wonder where he comes across all this stuff, really where does one find a half dozen ship wheels?

  16. Very cool stuff! I want to find a place like that here in Florida to get some authentic nautical stuff! That little doll is very sweet! ♥

  17. This place is fabulous, Betsy! I always get attracted to the not-for-sale stuff, too! Thanks for posting my giveaway!

  18. WOW!!! I'm glad to know that places like this still exist! I will be sure to visit there next time i am in Oregon.


  19. I am laughing right now Betsy.


    No other way to put it.

    I wish I could join you on one of your outings.

    You would be so much fun to be with.

    You make me laugh.



  20. What a wonderful treasure hunt.
    The other monogram on the table cloth is an L I think.


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