Sunday, June 12, 2011

Salvage Yard Tour

Last week when I was in Southern Oregon, I finally had a chance to visit a salvage yard that I've been hearing so much about.  I felt like a kid in a toy store!!  Morrow's is an adventure you don't want to miss if you're in Medford.

Joel Morrow has been at this location, 2784-B W. Main in Medford for over twenty years and in the salvage business for about thirty.  He calls himself a hands-on dismantler and recycler of barns, cabins, and castles.  This wild and wonderful treasure trove is really more like a museum that's stuffed full of hardware,
lighting, doors, windows, architectural pieces, toys, furniture, and hundreds of wacky displays.

This was sitting next to the cash register by the front door.  Nothing says "welcome" like a jar full of marbles topped off with a doll head

I wonder if he removed every doorknob by himself. 

The colorful glass knobs from my last post came from the display next to this one.

When you run out of space, just start hanging things from the ceiling.  I had to keep looking up just to make sure I wasn't missing anything.

I'm glad you can't see the face on that doll in the back.  At least I didn't spot any clowns.

This is my kind of salvage!

These are just a few of the hundreds of doors located on the bottom level.

This is the top level where the floors creak with every step; it just adds to
the ambiance.

Do you remember these?

Oops, the bathroom was occupied.  That's my reflection in the mirror, along with my friend Pam and her daughter Leah.

It was definitely full of timeless temptations. 
This was getting a little long, so I'll share some more pictures in my next post.

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