Sunday, July 17, 2011

Good Luck Girly Finds

The four leaf clover that was tucked inside the suitcase I bought last weekend brought me good luck all morning long.  We all know that some treasure hunting days are better than others, and this was definitely my lucky day.  Look what was greeting me as soon as I drove up to yard sale number three...

My new BFF.  I fell in love instantly despite her skin condition and the minor surgery I had to perform under one arm.  She came complete with this
 collapsible stand.

I think she was born sometime in the 60's.  These Adjust-O-Matic dress forms came unassembled through the mail.

Her brads have done a fine job holding her together over the years.
  No back problems.

Was that a yo-yo quilt sitting on the table next to my new friend?  I thought it was unfinished when I first picked it up, but then realized it was a skirt.

The lady told me that her mother made it for her in the early 60's and she would wear it with a slip/lining underneath.  I would hope so!

It's just a wee bit too small (23" waist) for my friend here, but I did manage to squeeze it over her head.
These were finds from another couple of sales that same day.

This is such a sweet little purse with its built in coin holder.  I already removed the crushed flowers on top and replaced them with a couple of buttons.

I had to have this rose covered shelf edging....all 18' of it.

Several pieces of lace and trim.

Some more bling and watches for repurposing.  Those shoe clips are my favorites.

I've been looking for one of these fabric covered hat molds, but they're usually so expensive.  When I saw this one, I wasn't going to let a few water stains keep me from bringing it home.

I think it will make a good jewelry display for now.

This pretty hand painted tray measures 19" x 27".  It has a couple of scratches and a few little dings, but the painting is in really good condition.

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