Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Graphics Love: Vintage Magazines and Sheet Music

My heart skipped a few beats as soon as I spotted these vintage magazines at the first yard sale last weekend.  I only had to look through the first few issues in the stack to know that they were coming home with me.  I LOVE the graphics in these old fashion magazines, and the advertising is just as much fun.  I want to frame the ones that are in good shape.

THE DESIGNER, November 1910

This is exactly how I spotted them; the old suitcase was open and sitting on top of a chair.  Before I could ask how much the lady wanted for them, she saw the excitement on my face and offered me all of them plus the suitcase. Even though I couldn't find my poker face, it was a great deal I couldn't pass up.

There were fourteen issues of THE DESIGNER with dates ranging from February 1910 through September 1913.

These were originally 10cents each, or a whopping 75 cents for a one year subscription.

Each issue is full of the most interesting ads like this one for knit underwear.  Makes me itch just thinking about it.

Reduso corsets.  Don't you love that name?

Now this is a familiar name.

Gorgeous cans.

This one was a little out of place and the only modern one in the bunch....if September 1966 is considered modern.  Interesting dress!!

I'm sure I could spend hours and hours reading through all of these and looking at all the fabulous graphics.  Also included in the suitcase:
1-Ladies Home Journal, February 1900
1-House Beautiful, May 1940
4-Needlecraft, May 1920 through March 1932
5-Woman's Home Companion, March 1900 through September 1917
4-The Modern Priscilla, September 1915 through September 1919
1-American Needlewoman, August 1926
2-The Delineator, June 1913 and December 1923

An amazing surprise discovery in the suitcase pocket:  the key was attached to a "genuine four-leaf clover good luck charm." 

Waiting for me at the second yard sale was a box full of vintage sheet music.   I can't read a note to save my life, but I love the graphics.  This lady also wanted to sell the entire box for one very, very low price.   All 115 pieces came home with me.  The box was loaded with music from Perry Como, Eddie Fisher, Frank Sinatra, Mitch Miller, Bing Crosby, etc, etc.  These are just a few examples of what was in the box:

I couldn't believe this one.  Remember, the four leaf clover came from a different yard sale.  It works, it really works!  I have some more good luck finds to post about as soon as I get some pictures.

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