Sunday, July 24, 2011

Miniature Picture Frame Necklaces

I had an ear-to-ear smile on my face when I spotted these miniature frames at an estate sale.  I loved the soft colors of the pretty prints and the perfect patina of the brass frames.  As soon as I noticed the convex glass, it was a done deal.

   Two sets of the same print was fine with me.  The one on the bottom
 right has faded, but the other three are still in good condition.  I kept trying to
 get a few stubborn spots off the glass, then realized they were tiny little bubbles.  Now that's old.

 Look at these dirty old time worn backs.  I thought these would be so pretty as necklaces, but had to do something about the condition of the backs first.  I sure wouldn't want something this dirty rubbing up against me. Two were repurposed into necklaces and the other two are still waiting.

 I cut out pictures from the antique fashion magazines I bought recently, then covered them with Mod Podge.  I wanted to save the original backs, so I tucked them back inside the frames.  The picture in the top right frame was making me crazy, so I ended up changing it.  The more I looked at it, the more it looked like a man's face in a woman's hat.

I'm really liking them as necklaces.  The prints are much clearer than they look here; I had a heck of a time photographing this convex glass.

I attached a 21" antiqued brass chain, added a tiny pearl on the end, and changed the ring to a decorative twisted rope style.  At first I thought they might be too bulky, but they're only 1 3/4" x 2 1/4" and only weigh 1 ounce. 

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  1. You did find some treasures ! I like the pictures you used on the backs. I was tempted to go to an estate sale yesterday, but it was just to hot to do more than I absolutely had to.

  2. What a find, Betsy...these are just beautiful!

  3. Wow, I would have done the happy dance if I had found these beauties! Great job!

  4. Hi Betsy,
    You have a good eye!! Those little framed prints make wonderful necklaces. Beautiful!!

  5. Very Pretty!! They make great necklaces.

  6. Great job! Love those as necklaces!

  7. What a neat find! I love how you made the frames into necklaces.

  8. I love them...It's like having two necklaces in one!!! Perfect!

  9. Oh that is too funny, I just picked up some really neat tiny frames not long ago and had planned to make necklaces out of them but hadn't had the time to do so yet. I guess great minds think alike! LOL. These are lovely. thanks for sharing! Hugs

  10. This is what I call salvaged, vintage and elegance. You never fail to amaze me Betsy!

  11. Hi Betsy, These are beautiful!! I bought an entire box of miniature portraits at an auction recently but they are all too large for necklaces. I love this idea.

  12. Betsy, what a great find, I have never seen anything like them, they are gorgeous!!


  13. Actually, i posted about doing the same thing awhile back! Come see my necklaces! And look what I've done with an abandoned reupholstery project!

  14. Great find and turned out so sweet!!

    barbara jean

  15. Those work perfect as as if they had always wanted to be necklaces.

  16. How clever, I would never have thought to do this. They turned out beautifuly.

  17. Great find, I've never seen anything like them before. They make great necklaces.

  18. I think all the good estate sales have packed up and moved west also.

    Like zip around here.

    Those little frames are awesome!

    Cool use for them and LOVE the little pearl idea!

  19. Betsy - These are fantastic finds!!!! LOVE these! :)


  20. Gorgeous re-do, they came out so pretty!
    hugs Lynn

  21. What a find! I L O V E these as necklaces, Betsy!

  22. How lovely! They make beautiful necklaces. I wonder how old they really are?

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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