Sunday, July 10, 2011

Upcycled Old Sewing Machine

A few weeks ago I spied this rusty, dusty, spider web infested vintage White Rotary sewing machine at a garage sale.  Nothing turned, nothing moved, pieces were missing, but maybe I could get it for a few dollars.  At first glance, I was thinking about that wheel and what I could do with it. Then I started thinking about some of the other parts.  I made the mistake of letting out a little laugh when the guy told me what he wanted for it.  You know, one of those "you gotta be kidding" laughs.  I made an offer and he refused.  Oh well.

It bothered me all morning, but after that sarcastic little laugh, I was just too embarrassed to go back.  Knowing that it would most likely still be there,  I nominated Mr. MST (who has never been to a garage sale in his life) to do some end of the day bargaining.  Thank you, thank you.  He came home with an ear to ear grin, but still confused about why I wanted such a hunk of junk when I already have a sewing machine.  Something was lost in translation.   Making jewelry WITH a sewing machine is not the same as making jewelry OUT OF a sewing machine.

I saw repurposing potential here.

Much better.  With the help of some WD40, the tension meter screwed right off.  The little hand came off separately, so I just glued it into place along with the vintage rhinestone button.  I punched a small hole and added a clear crystal bead.

This piece was a little harder to get off.

I thought about flattening this piece out and using it in another necklace, but the shape was perfect for a bracelet.  To keep it adjustable and leave room for the clasp, I didn't add any vintage buttons to the last five links.  I still have some bobbin bits and pieces to think about, and that wheel still needs to come off.

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