Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A "HOT" Transformation

I recently found a treasure trove of goodies at a remodeling yard sale over in Berkeley and posted about them here.  Parts of rusty metal thingies, small wooden architectural pieces, and some porcelain bathroom fixtures.  Oh my!  I've had so many ideas spinning around in my head, but this is the only one I've managed to transform so far.

I removed a gas valve that was attached to the hole in the top of the base.  I wonder what this was in a previous life.  The man at the yard sale found it in his basement and thought it was once part of a gas line or gas lamp.  There's no hole in the bottom of the base.  Any ideas?

I think it's right at home in the bathroom now.  My first idea was to use it as a paper towel holder, but the iron rod wasn't tall enough and would not come out.

I sprayed three coats of matte acrylic sealer on the inside and outside. 
Love all the detail.

All five knobs were slightly different and the HOT knob was the only one that was a perfect fit on the screws right on and off.
 They were meant to be together.

It would work great for holding spools of ribbon or thread, but with that HOT knob, I think it's right at home in the bathroom.

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