Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Finds and More Projects

Why do I keep bringing home strays that are in desperate need of repair or repurposing?  My project pile is always out of control, so I've been trying to at least make an attempt to talk myself out of buying another project.  I have a soft spot for anything that might look better with a fresh coat of paint, and when the price tag is too cheap inexpensive to pass up, it usually comes home with me.

This metal filing cabinet with six drawers was just too good to pass up.  Even if I left it alone, it would be great for storing jewelry supplies, but I'd have to keep it hidden away in a closet.  I think it deserves better treatment than that, so it's going on my chalk paint waiting list. 

I spent about two seconds convincing myself to buy this heavy, solid oak, six foot long beauty.  I can't wait to get a fresh coat of paint on this.  I'm still not sure if I should make a sign, put hooks on it, or both.

What would you do?

This frame is marked 1979 on the back.  I usually go for much older frames, but the detail on this one makes it another perfect candidate for a paint job.

These caught my eye just as I was giving up on finding any jewels to repurpose.  The little basket is a clip on earring....too bad she only had one.

I love folding rulers.
Fortunately, not all projects take me so long to complete.  A couple of adjustments made these rulers instant picture holders.

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