Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Love a Good Church Parking Lot Sale

I went out early on Saturday morning with my well organized list of yard sales.  I didn't have a long list, but there were a few that looked promising.  My plan of action literally took an illegal U-turn when I noticed what was going on in a church parking lot just a few blocks from my house. How did I miss this one on Craigslist and the newspaper?

Church sales around here always have the best prices and these folks obviously didn't want to pack up anything at the end of the day.  Everything except the stereoscope/cards and hardware came from the church sale.

Don't the Shiny Brites look appetizing on the milk glass egg plate?

The milk glass cake plate, dishes, compote, floral frog, glass rolling pin (it's hiding under the cake plate) and clip on earrings all came home with me for less than the cost of a latte.  I also bought a old wooden suitcase, but completely forgot about it when I was taking these pictures.  

On to a few other sales....
Two porcelain black doorknobs and the chippy old hardware to match. 

I almost passed on this antique stereoscope with 22 Biblical Keystone cards.  The little slider thingy that holds the cards in place was missing, so the nice lady made me an offer I couldn't refuse. 

 I went back for one more round at the church sale before coming home.  I found a humongous roll of packing foam for $1; very useful, but not picture worthy.  Knowing that they were practically giving things away, this was worth a closer look.....

1963 Mattel in great condition.  So different from anything I usually bring home, but so much fun taking a trip down memory lane.  I had the Barbie and Ken case in red.

The famous bathing suit and shoes.  Very cool glasses Barb!

Her messy closet was packed full.

 One of the ladies helping out at the sale, pointed to the table and informed me that Ken went along with the case.  I took one look at him and decided to leave him behind because he was missing a limb.  After I got home I noticed these in one of the drawers....

So sorry Ken.   Poor guy, his shoes aren't even the same size.

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