Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trading Stamp Jewelry Creations

I can't help myself, I'm hooked on trading stamps.  Since the redemption stores are a thing of the past, I'm feeling the need to keep the stamp alive.  Who doesn't have a story to tell?

 I combined these S and H green stamps with one of my favorite things: vintage typewriter keys.  I just opened up the back and placed the stamp in front of the Shift Key paper.

 How about a trading stamp bracelet?  S and H, Blue Chip, Top Value, and Holden.

 This trading stamp bracelet was made using a silver plated bracelet form and Diamond Glaze. I made some of these bracelets earlier this year using vintage maps.  You can click here for the tutorial.  Diamond Glaze can be a little tricky to work with, especially trying to keep the bubbles out.  It's not really visible in these pictures, but the Top Value stamp dried with a couple of bubbles in it.  I thought I was being so careful to make sure no bubbles were left behind, but they just had to sneak in there after it was dry.  Darn!

More S and H Green Stamps set in vintage typewriter keys.
Ever since I started making jewelry with these old trading stamps, I can't believe all the stories I hear when people are shopping in my booth.  Everyone has good memories of trips to the redemption store, but not such good memories of putting the stamps in the books.  We had an entire drawer just for Blue Chip stamps and it was my job to put them in the books.  Not a fun job even with a sponge.

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