Monday, November 14, 2011

Antique German Sampler

My craft show didn't start until noon last weekend, so when it came down to sleeping in or getting out to a few yard sales, the sales won out.  I found this really interesting 15" x 18" sampler and even took the time to get some history on it from the owner.

She was a little confused on some of the details, but told me that it represented five generations of her friend's family from Germany.  Her friend was the daughter of the couple appearing on the top line (Pelma and Mantz), the names are difficult to read.  She actually brought out a portrait of her friend's mother and a plate with the portrait transferred on it.  No, she wasn't interested in selling the portrait or the plate; at least I tried.

Pardon the funny color of these pictures.  My light was getting bad inside and outside.  The sampler actually has more of a very light coffee colored background.  

I took it out of the frame so I could get some better pictures without my reflection.  I was going to take it out anyway just to get the money that was hidden inside (I wish).

The family crest.
It's such a shame that it has this stain right in the middle.

The fine detail of the stitching is gorgeous.

I'm going to put it back in its frame for now and just enjoy this beautiful work of art.

This cross stitch was waiting for me at another sale.  It's not as old or detailed, but a new mat and frame will give it some real charm.

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