Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jewelry from Bits and Pieces of Little Treasures

I've been on a jewelry making marathon all week long trying to gear up for another craft show this weekend.  This will be three weekends in a row now, so I'm real close to making jewelry in my sleep.  These are a few of the pieces I've been playing with this week.....

I found two of these ornate brass doorknob escutcheons along with the matching key plates on Etsy.  I added a watch face with a little rhinestone to the center hole, and then surrounded it with rhinestones from an old bracelet.  

What's that funny looking piece the clip-on earring (top necklace) is attached to?

That metal thingie with the bead hanging from it is a garter clip. They make a mean bracelet too!

What pulley would be complete without rhinestones?

My typewriter key stash is getting a little low, so why not make good use out of the other parts.  These were made from the metal margin/platen scale.  I cut one inch pieces using heavy duty metal snips and then rounded out the sharp edges with my Dremel grinding bit.

Locks and watch parts are always a good combination.  The one on the left still has its working key attached.  You just never know when you'll need to lock something up.

Here's one of the matching key plates. I kind of like it sideways.

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