Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rescued and Repurposed Keys

I'm sure I have enough keys in my jewelry making stash to open any door in town. Just when I thought it was safe to take them off of my "focus list," I discovered a bag of these at a yard sale....

I wish I knew what hospital they came from.  I would love to get into those Diet Cabinets, the Diet Kitchen, maybe the Linen Room, and....what about the Doctor's Dressing Room?  There's even a key tag (not pictured) that says "Penthouse."  I think it was the most used of all the keys because the writing is so faded.

How could I resist....
The TelKey (pat. 1928) tags are made from some type of  heavy duty card stock
with brass connectors.

Nurses Dressing Room

Work Room

Nurse's Office.  A little faded, but still hanging in there after opening the door for years.

These were fun to decorate with vintage clip-on earrings and little rhinestones from old bracelets.  You can click here to see my first batch of these from last spring.

They do double duty as necklaces by adding a chain through the attached bail.  
Thank you all so much for your input on my last post:  Should I Paint It?  I decided to leave the drawers with the beautiful patina alone:-)

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