Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Simple Quilt Full of Wonderful Memories

My mom has been sewing and making quilts for as long as I can remember.  When I was growing up, Mom was always at the sewing machine making clothes for us or for herself.  She taught me how to sew at a very young age, and she even gave sewing lessons to some of my friends.  

During the 60's she started making quilts from bits and pieces of leftover fabric.  Along with a group of ladies from the church, they would make dozens and dozens of these simple quilts to send to children in remote regions of the world.  I remember asking her why they didn't just buy blankets...shame on me for not realizing how special these were.  

The back of the quilt is folded over on the right side.

I could comment on almost all of these little squares, but that would get too long.  These are just a few of the fabric squares I remember so well.....

 My first pair of bell bottoms.  

More bell bottoms.  Oh, how I loved them!

This was one of my favorite dresses, especially when I wore it with my daisy sandals. 

These lovely apples belonged to my sister.  I can still see the picture of her with the puffy little sleeves.

I see an owl.

These two were muumuus.  My mom made a lot of them for herself.

Mom had a shorter dress made out of this pink and white stripe.  We still have a picture of her in the dress with her black go-go boots.  

I have no memory of ever wearing anything made out of these last four samples.  I either erased them from my memory, or my younger sister was the victim.

I'm sure this quilt was originally meant for someone else.  When my mom gave it to me so many years ago, she must have known how much I'd appreciate it some day. 
 I do, I do.  
She's been perfecting her quilt making skills all these years and is still go strong.

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