Thursday, December 1, 2011

Trash to Treasure Clocks

I'm seeing galvanized metal everywhere these days.  Even though I'm much more traditional in my decorating style, this look has really been growing on  I wouldn't want an entire house full of it, but a little here and there seems to blend with any decor.  I love all the industrial and rustic storage containers I'm seeing. Galvanized buckets have been used for holding just about anything, fabulous light fixtures are everywhere, and prices around here have skyrocketed for the larger and older storage pieces.

I was lucky to find a couple of inexpensive galvanized metal pieces that were hiding on the patio area of an antique store.  I had to dig for them, but the effort was well worth it....

I think this might have originally been used for holding small potted plants.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it at first, so I got busy with some #0000 steel wool and was able to remove most of the rust.  I love rust in the right places, but this just looked dirty.

Rhinestones always have a way of making things look better.  I don't even mind that some of these buttons and earrings are missing rhinestones.  It even keeps perfect time!  Notice the time?  I couldn't resist doing what they always do in the jewelry stores.

I bought a couple of these little clock kits at Michael's.  They didn't come with directions, but it doesn't take much to figure them out.  I drilled a 1/4" hole in the metal and then poked the clock through the back.  The brass hardware made me a little crazy, so after the mechanism was in place, I painted it black with a little acrylic paint. Too bad I couldn't get rid of those horizontal lines in the metal.

The clock mechanism is now attached to what was the rusty tray bottom.

Self supporting.
With rhinestones instead of numbers, it can also stand on its side and be
 displayed vertically.

This was ready for a makeover also.  I think it was originally a sign holder/plant marker from a nursery.

It still looks right at home in this potted plant.  I used white glue to attach a piece of thick scrapbooking paper to the front, and then used E6000 to keep the vintage silver buttons firmly in place. 
(the plant doesn't really look this bad in person)

A perfect fit.  I was happy I didn't have to drill through two layers of metal.  

I'm not sure where the final resting place will be for this one.  I might put it back in this plant after Christmas, or maybe I'll find a perfect spot on a wall.

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