Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hardware Jewelry Creations

So far my new strategy for 2012 is working.  Instead of putting all my new treasures away where they belong, I've been trying to keep them in plain sight for a while.  I'm much more likely to get something put together if I can see what I have to work with. 

These are a few of the jewelry creations I made with bits and pieces from my New Year's Day Treasure Hunt.  Now I need to get busy with the stuff in the garage.

This batch of jewelry was made with two of the doorknob plates, a drawer handle plate, and some of the watch faces (not pictured).  I already used a couple of the curtain rings.  One of the drawer handle plates was too thick and it snapped in half when I tried to bend it for a bracelet.  I guess I'll be using the other piece in a different project.

I didn't glue the M from the vintage typewriter because I want to be able to personalize it.

This door knob hole is a bit heavier than the other one and has a worn paint finish.  I sprayed the front and back with three coats of matte acrylic sealer.  I added an old watch face to the center hole and topped it off with a rhinestone from an old necklace.

I didn't glue in the typewriter key, so this brooch can also be personalized.

This drawer handle plate was much easier to bend and shape.  I cleaned it up with some #0000 steel wool and gave it a good spraying.  I covered up the holes by slightly bending two watch faces to conform to the shape and then glued them on each end using E6000.  After gluing the larger watch face on top, I added a lace edge setting and a vintage typewriter key.

Back side.  You can see how the large holes are covered by the watch faces. I punched smaller holes closer to each end for attaching the chain.

The "B" typewriter key is permanently glued in.....Yep, I'm keeping this one for myself.

I'm not sure how long my strategy will work.  When things start to look too cluttered I'll have to go back to my old ways of keeping my supplies out of sight and out of mind.

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