Saturday, January 14, 2012

Not Your Average Chicken Feeder

Sometimes I have to take an object and turn it upside down, inside out, hang it on a wall, or turn it on its side to figure out what it should become.

I rescued this rusty green chicken feeder from the Alameda Antiques Faire a few weeks ago.  The painted table top/drawer is now resting comfortably on my desk and it's doing a great job holding papers.  After cleaning out the loose rust and spraying it with a coat of clear matte acrylic sealer....

It finally ended up on its side.

I pulled out my stash of glass tubes, added water and flowers,

then snuggled them inside the chicken feeder.  I cut up some old sheet music pages using a paper cutter (much faster than doing it with scissors).  A shredder would work also, but you'll end up with much finer pieces.  The tubes stay firmly in place with the help of the shredded paper.

Move over chickens!

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