Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Decked Out for the Dress Form Ball

My gals are all decked out in jewelry and ready to party over at The Polka Dot Closet for Carol's Dress Form Ball.  These ladies aren't shy; they're more likely to be seen wearing nothing but jewelry.

These four partygoers were brought to life with the use of patterns and a vintage linen table runner.  I first introduced them in a Mod Podge post in September 2010.

I used the thicker directions from a vintage pattern to dress up this plain plastic flea market find.  I never wanted to sell her until someone came along and made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Seller's remorse set in soon after that; I wish I still had her.

This is Emerald.  She stands about 15" tall and is always seen wearing her green velvet jumpsuit.  She's actually very heavy for her size, although you wouldn't know it with that skinny little waist.  Her jumpsuit can be unzipped in back and removed if she ever needs a change of clothes.

This paper mache lady (no name) is only 16" tall, but she does a good job displaying necklaces.  

Ms. Adjust-O-Matic is one of my favorites even though she has some issues.
 Don't we all.
I keep her in my studio wearing nothing more than a vintage lace collar and a simple belt.  She's 30" tall and about 5' tall with her collapsible stand.

I don't usually use her stand when she's working at an antique show because the slightest breeze will knock her right over.
She's seen here wearing a vintage yo-yo quilt skirt.  Can you see her skinny legs sticking out at the bottom?

Meet Nana.  
Nana is the most versatile of all my mannequins because she has a Styrofoam-like core.  I found her at a garage sale about five years ago and I'm never letting her go.  She's 22" tall and about 32" tall with her removable stand.
She's wearing her stand in this picture because it allows me to display more necklaces.

Nana is learning to be a bit more modest.  She now wears a vintage lace dresser scarf over her shoulders along with a lace belt with a rhinestone buckle.

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