Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dressed in Jewels

Here's my favorite yard sale find from last weekend after her minor makeover.  She still doesn't have any clothes, so her only assignment this week was to model a few necklaces fresh off the assembly line.

She also wanted to show off the rhinestone belt I found at a yard sale on Friday.  Her feet and pole were painted black, but I missed getting a full body picture.

Her neck is now firmly glued in place, so no more mishaps.  I painted it with Duck Egg Chalk Paint and then added some lace and a vintage rhinestone button.  

  A mini tart tin was my inspiration here.  A faux pearl earring, watch parts, and rhinestones were added for flavor.

A watch face, pink rhinestones and a cherub from an old bracelet were a perfect fit inside the bottom half of this vintage cold cream tin.  I attached part of vintage earring to the bottom of the tin.

Not too shabby from the back side.

More watch faces, buttons, and rhinestones.  Now I need to get busy on two other trays full of bits and pieces.

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